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At the Feet of The Mother

The Dark Energies, p. 212

Opening Remarks
It is the dark side of Prakriti, and accordingly Aswapati encounters in this realm the dark feminine energies. These are the Asuri and the Rakshasi.

Strong and fallen goddess
A strong and fallen goddess without hope,
Obscured, deformed by some dire Gorgon spell,
As might a harlot empress in a bouge,

These dark feminine energies had also emerged from the same One Source but had fallen and deviated from their purposes, Thereby these energies turned into something obscure and deformed. They had lost hope in redemption and return. It seemed as if an empress turned into a harlot under some adverse spell.

Evil face of perilous beauty
Nude, unashamed, exulting she upraised
Her evil face of perilous beauty and charm
And, drawing panic to a shuddering kiss
Twixt the magnificence of her fatal breasts,
Allured to their abyss the spirit’s fall.

Nude and without shame they roamed about luring the spirit towards the abyss through the doors of a fatal attraction. Lust and a sensuous appeal was their weapon to draw the soul towards the abyss.

Nightmare pomps
Across his field of sight she multiplied
As on a scenic film or moving plate
The implacable splendour of her nightmare pomps.

Manifold were their ways through which they trapped the soul. Night and darkness were there forts in which these beings multiplied and expanded their splendour as on a television screen.

Paralysed pity
On the dark background of a soulless world
She staged between a lurid light and shade
Her dramas of the sorrow of the depths
Written on the agonised nerves of living things:
Epics of horror and grim majesty,
Wry statues spat and stiffened in life’s mud,
A glut of hideous forms and hideous deeds
Paralysed pity in the hardened breast.

They were at home in a soulless world where they staged their dramas of agony and sorrow in the dim twilight zones of our life. Horror and a grim majesty combined with ugly deeds and stiffened forms had no place for kindness and pity in the heart.

Pervert skill
In booths of sin and night-repairs of vice
Styled infamies of the body’s concupiscence
And sordid imaginations etched in flesh,
Turned lust into a decorative art:
Abusing Nature’s gift her pervert skill
Immortalised the sown grain of living death,
In a mud goblet poured the bacchic wine,
To a satyr gave the thyrsus of a god.

They filled the mind with vice and etched sordid imaginations on the body. Lust was turned into a sensuous art. Enticing the being with the heady wine of a dark pleasure, they declared those who would indulge in their vices as a god. Thus they used their pervert mind to sow and nurture the seed of death in man.

Closing Remarks
These forces of darkness are rampant in the world of glamour and are often used by the Asuras to destroy humanity and lead it towards death and sin.

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