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At the Feet of The Mother

The Dark Underbelly of Creation, pp. 203-204

Opening Remarks
There is a dark side of creation that often remains hidden in its underbelly. It emerges from time to time wearing various masks to pull the upward movement back towards the abyss.

The grey mask
The grey Mask whispered and, though no sound was heard,
Yet in the ignorant heart a seed was sown
That bore black fruit of suffering, death and bale.

Evil sows its seed in the fields of ignorance. Unconsciousness becomes its accomplice. Man learns of it only later when he reaps the harvest and finds fruits of suffering and pain.

Ambassadors of evil
Out of the chill steppes of a bleak Unseen
Invisible, wearing the Night’s grey mask,
Arrived the shadowy dreadful messengers,
Invaders from a dangerous world of power,
Ambassadors of evil’s absolute.

Out of the dark unseen underbelly of life these dangerous shadowy denizens appeared wearing masks of obscurity. They entered here as ambassadors of evil to pollute all thought and feelings and actions with their evil power.

Law of sin
In silence the inaudible voices spoke,
Hands that none saw planted the fatal grain,
No form was seen, yet a dire work was done,
An iron decree in crooked uncials written
Imposed a law of sin and adverse fate.

Thus was sown the attraction towards sin and wrong conduct in the human heart. Whispering their dark law to the human mind they weaved an adverse fate for man’s climbing soul.

Sombre eyes
Life looked at him with changed and sombre eyes:
Her beauty he saw and the yearning heart in things
That with a little happiness is content,
Answering to a small ray of truth or love;
He saw her gold sunlight and her far blue sky,
Her green of leaves and hue and scent of flowers
And the charm of children and the love of friends
And the beauty of women and kindly hearts of men,
But saw too the dreadful Powers that drive her moods
And the anguish she has strewn upon her ways,
Fate waiting on the unseen steps of men
And her evil and sorrow and last gift of death.

Even as Aswapati saw this green smiling world content with its littleness, breathing simple joys of material nature and the charm of living beings and human goodness, he also saw the dreadful powers that drive nature’s moods. He saw the anguish waiting as man’s fate lurking in the shadows, the evil and sorrow that moves men and the last gift of death.

Closing Remarks
The action of evil is often a veiled one. It is difficult to recognise its workings as it comes stealthily and whispers and lures the human heart turning all things downhill.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.