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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri — “The Truth of Tomorrow”


(‘Savitri’ in Sri Aurobindo’s handwriting)



The Mother spoke many a time on Savitri, its importance and its profound help on the path of integral yoga. She said it could have a direct impact on the soul.

The Mother has explained in detail how Savitri can be a constant companion in our ascent towards the Truth. She has shown how to read Savitri, how to find there the answer to all our problems. She has advised meditation on Savitri. She has revealed how by the help of Savitri one can kindle the psychic flame, the flame of aspiration — in fact how one could orient oneself towards the Goal. She said that many sublime steps could be realised on the spiritual path in order to seek and unite with the Divine, by the help of Savitri.

She emphasised: Savitri is self-revelatory. No one can explain the real meaning of Savitri, or grasp it fully with the mind, however much one may have studied or delved into it.

The Mother once said: Who can explain Savitri? No one. It is not possible. It is not possible for man with his parcelled knowledge, not with his mental knowledge which only adds one bit to the other in order to understand, that dissects with his poor and clumsy logic, that formulates with his limited and insufficient understanding in order to reproduce in an incoherent and bizarre way something which he has not understood properly…. No, it is not possible. And especially Savitri. It is not possible… Savitri surpasses all his knowledge. Let us wait something like three hundred years and then we shall see. And that too will not be for everyone, but a selection of élite among men who would have crossed the barrier of the ego and all that to become ready for the descent of this new race. It is only these who would be able to understand Savitri and not before. But to prepare oneself one must be pure and conscious of the Presence. Then, as you advance on the way, Savitri will be revealed, not before.

On another occasion, She said that one ought to read Savitri aloud and slowly, so that the mantric effect created by its profound vibration, its rhythm, its music penetrate directly the body, the muscles, the nerves, the cells, and into the very being.

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