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At the Feet of The Mother

The Destined Place, p. 389

Opening Remarks
Destiny has taken Savitri to the space where she is fated to find the person with whom she must fulfil her mission. Though to the surface observation all this may seem like chance yet a greater wisdom leads us through every seeming appearance.

Spirit’s sacred thirst
But now the destined spot and hour were close;
Unknowing she had neared her nameless goal.

Savitri was being led by Destiny towards the place destined for their meeting. She was nearing her goal which she is yet to discover. For hidden within the script of destiny is the goal towards which she must take this road. Her meeting with Satyavan opens the doors for the fulfillment of her mission.

All-wise Fate
For though a dress of blind and devious chance
Is laid upon the work of all-wise Fate,
Our acts interpret an omniscient Force
That dwells in the compelling stuff of things,
And nothing happens in the cosmic play
But at its time and in its foreseen place.

Though all seems like a play of blind chance yet there is a Wisdom that works from behind leading the play. Our casual acts are symbols of an Omniscient Wisdom that works from behind in each and every thing. Everything happens with a purpose and at its time and foreseen place.

Sanctuary of youth and joy
To a space she came of soft and delicate air
That seemed a sanctuary of youth and joy,
A highland world of free and green delight
Where spring and summer lay together and strove
In indolent and amicable debate,
Inarmed, disputing with laughter who should rule.

Love is a youthful god full of the joys of spring and the warmth of early summer. In keeping with his mood destiny has led Savitri to a space that seemed like a sanctuary full of youthful joy where the feel of spring and summer were harmoniously blended. It was a wide space full of greenery bringing joy to the sense and soul.

Time’s call
There expectation beat wide sudden wings
As if a soul had looked out from earth’s face,
And all that was in her felt a coming change
And forgetting obvious joys and common dreams,
Obedient to Time’s call, to the spirit’s fate,
Was lifted to a beauty calm and pure
That lived under the eyes of Eternity.

Obeying the call of Time, led by her spirit’s fate Savitri ventured into that space and felt a sudden expectation fill her. It seemed as if a soul had suddenly peeped out from an earthly body and she felt the coming of a change. The obvious common joys and ordinary dreams of life were forgotten and all felt uplifted to a pure and calm beauty that was right under the gaze of eternity.

Prostrate Earth
A crowd of mountainous heads assailed the sky
Pushing towards rival shoulders nearer heaven,
The armoured leaders of an iron line;
Earth prostrate lay beneath their feet of stone.

The space was crowded by high mountain peaks rising to heights around one strong and mighty summit. Earth lay as if prostrate beneath their feet of stone.

Closing Remarks
Savitri is closing in on to the place of destiny which, like her soul is beautiful and noble and high, vast and harmonious, surrounded by mountains rising high like her aspiration and vying in beauty and solitude and joy.

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