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At the Feet of The Mother

The Divine Child, p. 355


Opening Remarks
The Divine Mother is the eternal womb of all creation. Yet in Her infinite Love and Mercy. She is born upon earth as a child, infant and seemingly helpless. The saviour Grace entering the womb of darkness is the greatest of all Grace.

Diviner kind
Arrived upon the strange and dubious globe
The child remembering inly a far home
Lived guarded in her spirit’s luminous cell,
Alone mid men in her diviner kind.

The Divine Mother has arrived from the other hemisphere of existence upon our strange and dubious globe amidst our earthly life. The Divine Mother born as a child is still aware of Her far off home. By assuming a human shape She does not cease to be Divine. She lived within Her luminous soul alone amid men secluded in her divine Self.

Thoughts natural to the gods
Even in her childish movements could be felt
The nearness of a light still kept from earth,
Feelings that only eternity could share,
Thoughts natural and native to the gods.

Even in her childish movements the touch of divinity could be felt and the nearness of a light still kept from earth. Feelings rose in her heart that only eternal could have and not those perishable transient things. Thoughts came to her that were natural and native to the gods.

Divine unreachable tops
As needing nothing but its own rapt flight
Her nature dwelt in a strong separate air
Like a strange bird with large rich-coloured breast
That sojourns on a secret fruited bough,
Lost in the emerald glory of the woods
Or flies above divine unreachable tops.

Needing nothing but its own flight to the heights, her nature dwelt in the higher realms like a strange and large rich coloured (many tones and many sided nature) that sits and eats from some secret bough lost in the beauty of emerald woods or flying above divine unreachable tops.

Heaven upon earth
Harmoniously she impressed the earth with heaven.

With spontaneous ease she harmonised the earth and higher realms from where she had come and whose gifts she had brought.

Swift rhythm of pure delight
Aligned to a swift rhythm of sheer delight
And singing to themselves her days went by;
Each minute was a throb of beauty’s heart;
The hours were tuned to a sweet-toned content
Which asked for nothing, but took all life gave
Sovereignly as her nature’s inborn right.

Her days went by singing and living the rhythms of delight to which her nature was perfectly aligned. Each moment was a throb of beauty’s heart and hours were attuned to a sweetness that asked for nothing but received whatever life gave as her native right.

Parent sun
Near was her spirit to its parent Sun,
The Breath within to the eternal joy.

She dwelt in her soul near to the Sun of Divine Truth from where she had come. Her life dwelt in the atmosphere of eternal joy.

Closing Remarks
The Divine puts on a human body yet remains inwardly the Divine. As the outer development takes place the manifestation of the divinity within also begins to emerge.

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