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At the Feet of The Mother

The Divine Downpour pp 38-39

Opening remarks
Once the opening is created to the action of the Divine Shakti, there starts, in the fields of Nature, the downpour of Divine Peace and Light and Harmony and Beauty and Bliss.

Rhythmic sense of hidden things
Oft inspiration with her lightning feet,
A sudden messenger from the all-seeing tops,
Traversed the soundless corridors of his mind
Bringing her rhythmic sense of hidden things.

This is the birth of the mantra in the human consciousness. The flow of higher knowledge from Above is facilitated when the mind is quiet. The labour of analytical reason scanning surface data is silenced and, in its place, there is born a new working of the mind directly receiving the knowledge and turning it into sound symbols of rhythmic speech.

A music spoke
A music spoke transcending mortal speech.

The all-creative rhythmic Word is found and our speech begins to express it more and more. This speech is not just a string of words with a meaning but also a creative power that builds the forms it beholds in the consciousness of those who hear it.

The undying Word
As if from a golden phial of the All-Bliss,
A joy of light, a joy of sudden sight,
A rapture of the thrilled undying Word
Poured into his heart as into an empty cup,
A repetition of God’s first delight
Creating in a young and virgin Time.

This is how the mantra is born in the depths of the heart now grown free of the clamour of desire, carrying with it the joy of sudden illumination. It carries within itself the burden of delight and the all-creative divine impulsion that moves the worlds from within.

Revealed to the silent soul
In a brief moment caught, a little space,
All-Knowledge packed into great wordless thoughts
Lodged in the expectant stillness of his depths
A crystal of the ultimate Absolute,
A portion of the inexpressible Truth
Revealed by silence to the silent soul.

Knowledge has its Home in the luminous blissful silence of the Eternal Truth. It descends from there, clothing itself in Idea and thought and speech. In the human consciousness it takes the form of a revelation, a soul-vision that carries its own conviction and certitude of Truth.

The intense creatrix
The intense creatrix in his stillness wrought;
Her power fallen speechless grew more intimate;
She looked upon the seen and the unforeseen,
Unguessed domains she made her native field.

The more we become inwardly quiet, the more does true knowledge dawn within us, bringing with it an intense and sublime creative power. Once awakened, it’s light illumines the hidden depths screened by appearances, lights up the future now concealed to our sight and fields of consciousness that lie beyond the reach of our mind and senses.

Kingdom of the seer
All-vision gathered into a single ray,
As when the eyes stare at an invisible point
Till through the intensity of one luminous spot
An apocalypse of a world of images
Enters into the kingdom of the seer.

Sri Aurobindo beautifully describes here the inner process that opens the doors to true knowledge. First thing needed is an inner quietude. Second is a power or ability for intense concentration. By concentrating on a particular point, we pass beyond and behind appearances and come in direct contact with the inner truths, projected often as images before the inner eye.

The stab of flame
A great nude arm of splendour suddenly rose;
It rent the gauze opaque of Nescience:
Her lifted finger’s keen unthinkable tip
Bared with a stab of flame the closed Beyond.           (page 39 begins) 

The dark veil of Ignorance is pierced and torn by the power of a luminous concentration as an intense flame pierces and cleaves darkness.

Closing Remarks
Thus, we discover the divine vibration or rhythmic Immortal Word that saves, and the seers become its recipients and upholders as well as instruments of its creative expression and manifestation.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.