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At the Feet of The Mother

The Divine is Everywhere (HH 148)

The Divine is everywhere. There is nothing more liberating than this revelation whose practice can truly transform our lives. And yet we are not able to experience Him, that sole Reality. Many of us therefore draw a conclusion that the Divine does not exist or else that He exists somewhere far away, inaccessible to our seeking. The mind then creates or cuts out several paths to find That which exists everywhere! But there is another way, a way more consistent to the logic of the Divine Omnipresence. We take up this subject in the Light of the Mother. She worked and labored in matter’s Night so as to make this wonderful Presence accessible to our very body and our material substance. Here are some of Her discoveries as She worked through the darkest layers of the physical body so as to bring there too the Light, Love, Peace, Bliss of the Divine.


Words of the Mother

I’ve had an interesting experience…. Not yesterday evening but the evening before, someone I won’t name told me, “I am fully in the physical consciousness: no more meditations, and the Divine has become something up above, so far away….” Then, instantly, while he was speaking, the whole room FILLED with the divine Presence. “Oh,” I told him, “Not up above: HERE, right here.” And at that moment, EVERYTHING, the whole atmosphere … you know, the very air seemed to change into divine Presence (Mother touches her hands, her face, her body): you understand, everything was touched, touched, permeated, but with … above all, there was a dazzling Light, a Peace like this (massive gesture), a Power, and also such Sweetness … something … you felt it would be enough to melt a rock.

And it hasn’t left. It has remained.

It came like that, and has remained.

And the whole night was like that – everything. Even now the two things are there: a little of the ordinary consciousness, as if mechanically, but I just have to remain still or concentrated for a second and it’s there. And it’s the BODY’S experience, you understand, physical, material, the body’s experience: everything, absolutely everything is full, full, there’s NOTHING but That, and we are like … everything is like something shriveled, you know, like dried-up bark, something dried up. You get the impression that things (not completely – superficially) have become hard, dry, and that’s why they don’t feel. That’s why they don’t feel Him, otherwise everything, but everything is NOTHING but That; you can’t breathe without breathing Him, you understand; you move about, and it’s within Him that you move about; you are … everything, the whole universe is within Him – but MATERIALLY, physically, physically.

It’s the cure of the “drying up” that I am now seeking.

I feel it’s fantastic, you understand.

And then, when I listen, It also says things; I told Him, “But then, why do people always climb up above?” And with the most extraordinary, fantastic humor: “Because they want me to be very far from their consciousness!” Things like that, but not formulated so precisely: impressions. Several times – several times I heard: “Why do they go so far away to seek what’s …” (you know, the theories that have said, “It’s within you”) … “to seek what’s everywhere?”

I didn’t say it to that person, first of all because the experience wasn’t a continuous thing as it now is.

And above all, there was: NO NEW RELIGIONS! No dogmas, no fixed teaching. Avoid – at any cost avoid turning it into a new religion. Because the moment it was formulated in an … elegant way that imposed itself and had a force, IT WOULD BE OVER.

You get the impression that He is everywhere, but everywhere, and there’s nothing else. And we aren’t aware of it because we are … shriveled up (I don’t know how to put it), dried. up. We’ve made (laughing) tremendous efforts to separate ourselves – and we’ve succeeded! We’ve succeeded, but only in our consciousness, not in the fact. In the fact, It’s there. It’s there. There’s NOTHING but That. What we know, what we see, what we touch is as if bathing, floating within That; but it’s permeable; it’s permeable, absolutely: That goes through it. The sense of separateness comes from here (Mother touches her forehead)….

All the theories, all the explanations, all the stories that are at the root of every religion, it all seems to me … like a distraction. So then, you wonder, you wonder … (I am going to say something …) whether the Lord hasn’t been putting on an act for Himself! …

But it’s difficult to express. I’ve spent days when I really lived all the horrors of the creation (and in the consciousness of their horror), then that brought about this experience, and … the whole horror vanished.

It wasn’t moral things at all: it was mostly physical sufferings. Especially THE physical suffering. And that physical suffering, I saw it: a physical suffering that lasts – unceasing, going on night and day. And all at once, instead of being in that state of consciousness, you are in the state of consciousness of this exclusive divine Presence – the pain is gone! And it was physical, quite physical, with a physical reason.You understand, doctors might say: “It’s for this reason, that reason …” – quite a material thing, absolutely physical: poff! gone…. Your consciousness changes – it comes back.

And if you stay long enough in the true consciousness, the appearance, that is, what we call the physical “fact” itself, disappears, not just the pain…. I have the feeling of having touched … (there’s no mind to understand, thank God!), of having touched the central experience.

But it’s a very small beginning.

One would have the impression or certitude of having touched the supreme Secret only if the physical were transformed…. According to the experience (the experience in tiny details), that’s how it should be. But then, would there first be ONE body in which this Consciousness was expressed, or must everything, but everything be transformed? …

It would happen if the play – the play of separateness – came to an end. That would be the solution of the transformation. A phenomenon of consciousness….

Only, the other consciousness is still there…. Just now, this morning, I saw a considerable number of people: everyone of them came, and I looked (there was no “I looked”: for the PERSON there, it was like that, I was looking at him), the eyes were fixed [on the person] like that, and then there was the perception and vision (but not “vision” as it’s understood: it’s all a phenomenon of consciousness), the awareness of the Presence; the Presence permeating that sort of bark, of hardened thing, permeating, permeating everywhere. And when I look, when the eyes are fixed, it makes a sort of concentration [of this Presence]…. But it’s certainly quite a transitory and intermediate state, because the other consciousness (the consciousness that sees things and deals with them as usual, with the perception of what goes on in the individual, what he thinks – not so much what he thinks as what he feels, the way he is), that’s there. It’s obviously necessary, too, to maintain contact, but … It’s clearly still an experience, not an established fact. What I mean by “established fact” is the consciousness established in such a way that nothing else exists, it alone is present – it’s not yet like that….

November 23, 1968

* * *

It remains to be seen if, for some reason or other, it was necessary or if it was an accident – but how could it be an accident! … For the moment (there’s no thought, so it’s a little vague), for the moment there is an impression … I might put it simply like this: the impression of a TREMENDOUS acquisition of consciousness, which has been gained by paying the very high price of all the suffering and all the disorder…. Yesterday or today (I forget when, I think yesterday), at one point the problem was so acute (Mother touches her cheek and throat), and then the divine Consciousness seemed to be saying, “In all this suffering, it’s I who suffer” (the Consciousness, you understand), “it’s I who suffer, but in a way different from yours.” I don’t know how to express it…. There was a sort of impression that the divine Consciousness was perceiving what to us was a suffering, that it existed – it existed for the divine Consciousness. But not in the same way as it exists for our own consciousness….

November 27, 1968

* * *

1) The Divine alone is true – all the rest is falsehood.

2) The Divine alone is real – all the rest is illusion.

3) The Divine alone is life – all the rest belongs to the kingdom of death.

4) The Divine alone is light – all the rest is semi-obscurity.

5) The Divine alone is love – all the rest is selfish sentimentality.

And yet the Divine is everywhere, in the ignorant man as well as in the sage.

And yet the Divine is everywhere, in the sinner as well as in the saint.

Undated 1958

* * *

“I disapprove totally of violence. Each act of violence is a step back on the path leading to the goal to which we aspire. The Divine is everywhere and always supremely conscious. Nothing must ever be done that cannot be done before the Divine.”

That’s for someone rather primary, but anyway….

May 12, 1971

* * *

Quite amusingly, all the experiences that occur in the vital, the mind and above, are occurring in the material, in the cellular consciousness, and they are a reproduction, as it were, but with a slight alteration caused by Matter. When you stir water, for instance, when you agitate it, it’s no longer transparent; there are eddies, and those eddies prevent the water from being transparent. You can no longer see through it. It’s the same thing materially: when you are restless, when you don’t have that sort of calm (which isn’t stillness but the opposite of restlessness, I don’t know how to describe it – it’s something imperturbable) … Very few people have that, and when they come near, there are immediately (gesture of tremor and seething in the atmosphere) vibrations and disorder – and confusion settles in. You can see the phenomenon occur on a small scale with people coming here; you can see it on a larger scale with the movements of the Ashram; and you can see it on a still larger scale with the movements of the earth.

It’s the same thing with that sort of mental restlessness people have (excitement and restlessness): as soon as there is excitement and restlessness, it’s impossible to see clearly; it’s the same as with water, it goes like this (same gesture of tremor and seething), swarms of movements of confusion, and you can’t see anything. It’s the same thing materially. And then, as soon as a problem has to be solved (especially a material problem), people are in the habit of getting restless, and as soon as they get restless, it’s absolutely impossible to find any solution. And it makes the confusion worse.

This is something I experience constantly, every minute. If I am in my normal atmosphere, however intense the action may be (or also the problem to be solved), the thing is clearly seen and the solution imposes itself as something absolute, irrevocable: this is how it must be done. The minute the restless atmosphere of someone else comes in (and as soon as a problem arises, not one in a thousand isn’t restless, at least inwardly a little), it starts going like this (same gesture of tremor), and not only do you stop seeing, but things are no longer in their place! And as for the solution … you have to mend the disorder before you can think of the solution. It’s an experience almost every moment. I see numbers of people; with some, as soon as they enter the atmosphere, along with them comes their confusion, and you can’t see anything anymore – you have to wait a little, try and calm things down, and then you can see. With some it never calms down – it’s hopeless, you can only send them back. With others, it calms down after a certain length of time, then you can start seeing and knowing what needs to be done.

But materially it results in something very interesting. When I am alone and everything is tranquil in my atmosphere, if at any time I take anything, any object, it’s exactly in its place. And everything goes without a hitch. As soon as someone (anyone) is there, there is a little vibration (same gesture of tremor). With some people the vibration gets much worse – and I lose my things! I lose them almost irretrievably … until the atmosphere has calmed down again. Then the thing comes back quite naturally, almost as if it had gone away and come back – it didn’t go away and come back: it was only confusion veiling everything. And I find the place again, the thing in its exact place. This goes on from morning to night (I can’t say from night to morning because I go off into another region!). But it’s constant. And so I feel I am living in constant confusion.

At times the going gets rather heavy. For instance, here in the morning, when there are three or four sources of confusion at the same time, it becomes acute. I have only one solution, that is to be alone somewhere or other and stay like this (gesture of withdrawal into absolute stillness), until order is restored everywhere. Then everything is in order again, the Lord’s Presence is there again … it’s always there, but it can express itself, manifest again – while it can’t get through that [confusion]! So I stay still and all goes well. From there I can face fresh disorders coming in (provided they don’t rush in too close on each other’s heels!), but anyway, I can pull through. To tell the truth I always pull through, but there are disorders that shouldn’t be, that are useless. I always feel like telling people, “Oh, I beg you, keep calm! …” But not the “calm” of apathetic quietude, not slumped in a [gesture of seething]), no: calm, quiet, like this (vast gesture) in the consciousness, then everything becomes limpid. And in that limpidity you see very clearly, decide very clearly, everything works out, things organize themselves, you don’t even need to intervene.

All difficulties … I see that, I’ve seen it lately with regard to political organizations, relations between nations and all that, all the problems to be solved – it’s all the same thing: people are like this (same gesture of tremor), all the time, all the time … one wave of restlessness, another wave of restlessness, yet another wave of restlessness coming on top of it – and you don’t see anything anymore! You can’t see anything anymore! While if one can keep calm for a while …

It’s the same with all the questions I am asked (I receive innumerable questions), it’s all like this (same gesture), everything is like this and one can’t see anything. If one keeps calm … the Light comes through, everything grows limpid, transparent, and … it becomes so natural, so simple! So simple, so obvious: there is ONE thing that can be done and it’s the true thing. All the rest … (same gesture of seething).

Some people live in a constant whirl, and they’re quite surprised that everything goes wrong! They meet with complications, with … And it’s always like this (same gesture).

I am not referring to those who are tamasic and completely inert: they are like an inert mass, so the Light can’t go through – what goes through is others’ restlessness, it stirs them up! No! I am talking about a Light … (vast gesture) above things, untouched by them, which sees. And this Light is in a … (how can I explain? …) The whole, entire universe moves forward with fantastic speed and in perfect immobility. Words seem idiotic, but you can feel this – you can feel it, see it, live it. A luminous immobility moving forward with fantastic speed.

In that immobility there is perfect transparency … and the problem does not exist: the solution comes ahead of the problem. That is to say, things organize themselves (gesture showing the movement of universal forces) in such a way that they can change positions or take a different place in order to express the new thing that must be expressed: something new constantly enters the manifestation (as if emerging from the Non-manifest), it enters the manifestation and transforms. And it takes place automatically. A vast, immense movement … (Mother smiles with her eyes closed) in which one can participate only if one is perfectly peaceful and calm and translucent.

(Mother takes Disciple’s hands and keeps looking at him for a long time)

Tell me, it would be lovely if one could take people’s consciousness as one takes a flower, and then, because one looks at it and holds it and the vibration is that Vibration of supreme Love, it opens up, like that, becomes organized, and grows magnificent.

It would be fine if one could do that – (laughing) perhaps one can!

March 15, 1967

May 12, 2015

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