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At the Feet of The Mother

The Divine Presence in All Things, pp. 138-139

Opening Remarks
The Divine Presence is everywhere and in all things. There is nothing too small or mean that cannot serve His incalculable purpose. Even in this world of haze and mist his seer-vision could pierce and see the Divine Presence and the great purpose behind everything.

Secrets of the shifting flux
His sight, spiritual in embodying orbs,
Could pierce through the grey phosphorescent haze
And scan the secrets of the shifting flux
That animates these mute and solid cells
And leads the thought and longing of the flesh
And the keen lust and hunger of its will.

Aswapati the seer-yogi is able to pierce the occult fount of life that springs forth into matter and makes it alive with lust and hunger and longing and love.

The miraculous fount
This too he tracked along its hidden stream
And traced its acts to a miraculous fount.

Tracing the farther end of the stream of life he discovers how it all proceeds from the same One Source that is the giver of all life and the very origin and fount of all creation.

A mystic Presence
A mystic Presence none can probe nor rule,
Creator of this game of ray and shade
In this sweet and bitter paradoxical life,
Asks from the body the soul’s intimacies
And by the swift vibration of a nerve
Links its mechanic throbs to light and love.

Even this fallen life, this dumb and mute organisms that seem to live and breathe mechanically are connected to the Divine Presence in creation through the spark of divinity called the soul. All this play of Light and Darkness of consciousness and a seeming unconsciousness are yet connected to a secret Oneness From which all emerges, in which all is held and towards which all is flowing as a river towards the sea.

A somnambulist tide
It summons the spirit’s sleeping memories
Up from subconscient depths beneath Time’s foam;
Oblivious of their flame of happy truth,
Arriving with heavy eyes that hardly see,
They come disguised as feelings and desires,
Like weeds upon the surface float awhile
And rise and sink on a somnambulist tide.

It is a life largely governed by subconscious forces that lie asleep in the hidden folds of Time. They rise up and assume forms and shape and act upon the nerve and cell. Yet the subconscious itself is but a sleep of the Lord in whose closed eyes are hidden dreams of the future that stir in our depths and awaken consciousness. What we call as subconscious is the first step to the awakening of consciousness in creation.

Heaven-truth broods in life’s depths
Impure, degraded though her motions are,
Always a heaven-truth broods in life’s deeps;
In her obscurest members burns that fire.

Even our most obscure and degraded movements are yet the distortions and limited expressions of a secret Truth that resides in Nature’s depths. The Fire that burns at the apex of the worlds is also there in the depths of matter awakening within it the need and urge to live and love and strive towards Light and Beauty and Bliss.

God’s rapture
A touch of God’s rapture in creation’s acts,
A lost remembrance of felicity
Lurks still in the dumb roots of death and birth,
The world’s senseless beauty mirrors God’s delight.
That rapture’s smile is secret everywhere;
It flows in the wind’s breath, in the tree’s sap,
Its hued magnificence blooms in leaves and flowers.

A secret bliss is there at the roots of life. Even in ‘inanimate’ matter it waits to be born and can be felt in stone and river and stars and the various forms and shapes. Life is simply its first outbreak filling creation with the impulsion and sense of joy. That secret rapture of God burns in distant stars, smiles in the flowers, flows in the sap of life. Indeed all creation mirrors God’s delight, limited by the form and the instruments through which it is expressed.

Closing Remarks
This is the first thing we need to remember that the Divine is everywhere and in all things. The appearances of life often deceive us and the meanest elements carries within its core the deep possibility and presence of Light and Love and Hope and Joy.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.
There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.