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At the Feet of The Mother

The Divine Supernature, pp. 312-313

Opening Remarks
Aswapati now comes in contact with the Divine Supernature that is concealed in the Unknowable. It is the heart of the Unknowable and it is only through Her that the Unknowable can be known.

Heart divine
A Nature throbbing with a Heart divine
Was felt in the unconscious universe;
It made the breath a happy mystery.

She was felt as the very embodiment of supreme Love that throbs in the core of the unconscious universe. It is this Love that makes life and breath a happy mystery and not the painful burden that we experience now under the spell of ignorance and unconsciousness. The master clue, the great secret is revealed here of Her redeeming touch.

God’s felicity
A love that bore the cross of pain with joy
Eudaemonised the sorrow of the world,
Made happy the weight of long unending Time,
The secret caught of God’s felicity.

This Divine Love bore the cross of pain with joy. It turned sorrow into a blessing and made happy the long unending march of Time. Here was the secret of God’s felicity. It is the Divine Mother’s whose touch turns suffering into joy, It is She whose Love secretly bears the pain and suffering of creation so that it can be rescued out of its present fallen state. It is She who makes the long journey feel short and happy.

Hidden ecstasy
Affirming in life a hidden ecstasy
It held the spirit to its miraculous course;
Carrying immortal values to the hours
It justified the labour of the suns.

The joy we feel in life is because of Her hidden ecstasy. It is Her Knowledge and Power that determines the course of the cosmic Spirit and keeps existence moving along lines that have been decreed. Though to our outward vision all this journey of the suns and the starts may seem vain, yet there is Purpose within it, a purpose planted by Her in the heart of Time. This grand purpose is to bring immortal truths into our mortal life.

Supreme behind the God
For one was there supreme behind the God.

She is the ultimate supreme mystery hidden behind the God who ever remains the Unknowable beyond all conceptions and thoughts and feelings. Even the Divine Form of the Supreme Lord comes into existence because of Her.

Mother Might
A Mother Might brooded upon the world;
A Consciousness revealed its marvellous front
Transcending all that is, denying none:
Imperishable above our fallen heads
He felt a rapturous and unstumbling Force.

She is the Mother Might, the Absolute Wisdom and Power and Love that broods upon the world. She is the marvellous front of the Transcendent Consciousness, the Grace and Love that emerges from the heart of the Supreme and enters the world, accepting everything in its vast embrace even though transcending all things. Aswapati felt Her as the rapturous of the Absolute unstumbling Force that is there above our heads awaiting our discovery and the call.

The Mother of all godheads and all strengths
The undying Truth appeared, the enduring Power
Of all that here is made and then destroyed,
The Mother of all godheads and all strengths
Who, mediatrix, binds earth to the Supreme.

The gods and goddesses are born from Her as powers and aspects of the One Lord. She is the ultimate and absolute, the enduring Power in creation. She is the great link, the mediating link between the earth and the Supreme.

The enigma ceased
The Enigma ceased that rules our nature’s night,
The covering Nescience was unmasked and slain;
Its mind of error was stripped off from things
And the dull moods of its perverting will.

The veil of Night was torn, the covering Nescience unmasked and slain, the mind of ignorance was stripped off its error and the dull moods and the perversions due to the hard grip of the Inconscient.

Closing Remarks
The Divine Mother’s touch liberates us from all ignorance and Her Love brings Beauty and Bliss. She is the absolute Might and even the gods are Her children and Night only Her veil.

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