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At the Feet of The Mother

The Divine Will working towards the New Creation

The first stage of our individual and collective evolution is the Asura, with the psychic seed suppressed and overpowered completely by the lower nature, where the vital with all its extravaganza of lust and ambition and its counterpart fear and rage governs humanity. It is human in appearance though the characteristic features of humanity such as discerning reason, self-reflection, thought and the light of intelligence turned upwards towards higher seeking are missing.  

The second stage is marked by the progressive awakening of the soul and as a result a turn towards higher rajasic and sattwic nature, towards idealistic tendencies, dear h for truth and an ideal ethic as the law of life. This is the true hallmark of our humanity and it brings along with it kindness, sympathy, nobility of temperament, affection and care, courage and honesty in dealings, moderation in actions and a seeking for true knowledge and harmony. 

Out of this arises the third stage of our evolution towards the Deva type marked by strength of character, luminous thought, askesis and sacrifice, unselfishness, turn towards spiritual seeking, aspiration towards the Divine, faith and devotion, compassion and gratitude, generosity and forgiveness. This marks the final transition towards the psychic and spiritual humanity. 

Our education, social values, ways of life in general encourage the Asura in man and do everything to suppress the soul. Though one can see now the beginning of an effort at humanising the race. But psychisisation and spiritualisation are still a little in the distance though one can begin to see the early glimpses in a few individuals here and there. All this churning is itself a process to upturn the soil of human nature for the psychic to grow fast forward and emerge sooner than later. More and more people are beginning to realise that the mind can no more solve the problems that it has created unless it shoots beyond it to a higher consciousness or else assists rather than hinders the jail-delivery of the divine child imprisoned in the dark womb of Asuric nature.      

There is a feeling that the time period between 2014 to 2028 is going to be a crucial one to clear the way for at least the next fifty years. There is an increasing number of individuals who are being called upon and picked up and chosen to be its instruments. Nothing can eventually stand against the growing intensity of the Divine Light and Divine Love and the power of Divine Peace. Asura is trying to obstinately resist the growing Light, but not for long. It is a decisive moment of history that we are fortunate to be witnessing. Of course, from our short life span perspective it seems a long moment yet one can see the rapid pace of advance, the steps of Kali moving men and events compelling to disclose their secret truth. As to the fate of the Asuras, it has always been said that those who refuse to change will be absorbed back into the Origin. Hopefully they will be fewer and most will accept the conversion for otherwise it would mean a large-scale destruction of many amongst the human race who feed upon the Asuric energies and upon whom the Asuras feeds and controls the earth through.

This is as far as one can see. For rest we have to wait for time to unfold because the pace of change is too rapid for even the gods to behold. But for us there is only one way, the faith and surrender and the will to align ourselves with the Divine Will working towards the New Creation.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.