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At the Feet of The Mother

The Divine

The Divine is the Source of all that exists, has existed and will exist in the future. He is the Source, the Origin, the One Existence from which all other existences derive. In other words all that exists in this world or others is Divine in its core and essence.

All creation is one form or another of Manifestation of the Divine. But the Divine is not limited by the Manifestation. He is also all that has not yet been manifested. It is this truth that makes creation progressive. Time is the instrument through which the Divine manifests here. But there are other worlds where the Manifestation is simultaneous and not successive. These are perfect worlds that constantly seek to express upon earth which is a special field created for the meeting point of all the worlds and forms of Manifestation.

The power that helps all Manifestation is the Shakti of the Divine, the Divine Mother. In the higher worlds She is revealed to each being as the Infinite Mother, Aditi. But here, in worlds subject to Time, Space and hence Causality She remains hidden and works indirectly through Prakriti. The Divine is at once pure and Supreme Existence as well as the Supreme Power that helps the Manifestation. This union of the two, – of Existence and Consciousness (Knowledge and Power, or simply an All knowing, omnipotent Intelligence – Will) is the Ananda that is implicit in each element of creation and reveals a little of Itself in every act of creation. This triune Reality is thereby also called as Sacchidananda (True Existence – Consciousness – Bliss) in Indian thought. But the Reality itself is not limited by any Name or Form and hence there is something that always remains like an Unknowable Supreme. That cannot be known or defined by any mind born power or intelligence, whether human or godlike. It can only be known by becoming one with That through the power of Yoga.

Thus the Divine is not only what has manifested so far but also the unmanifest. But since Manifestation is some form of a limitation He is also beyond the manifest and the unmanifest. He is infinity holding each finite in Its embrace. But since Manifestation is always moving forward we can say that the Divine is all that we secretly or consciously aspire to be but are not yet. He is the Perfection that we seek so to say.

To put it very simply we are the Divine putting on many masks and our first business is to discover Him behind every mask. The second purpose is to make the mask itself as perfect as Him. That is the whole purpose of creation of which we are equal stake holders as His countless representatives.

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