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At the Feet of The Mother

The Doors of the Unknowable, pp. 297-298

Opening Remarks
Aswapati now stands at the doors of the Unknowable from which all starts its journey and to which all seems to return. Aswapati has ventured to the very source entering which none ever returns or comes back to report what the soul has witnessed. If one passes into this Beyond then all the weavings of fate are dissolved and the chain of karma broken.

Undetermined spirit
It was a plane of undetermined spirit
That could be a zero or round sum of things,
A state in which all ceased and all began.

It is where all things begin. Here everything has not yet started arranging themselves into any order for the purposes of the manifestation. Therefore it could be experienced as a zero in which the full potential of the manifestation is there. However manifestation would require a certain ordering of the forces in a certain way so as to emerge in the play of time and space in a certain way.

All it became that figures the absolute,
A high vast peak whence Spirit could see the worlds,
Calm’s wide epiphany, wisdom’s mute home,
A lonely station of Omniscience,
A diving-board of the Eternal’s power,
A white floor in the house of All-Delight.

It is the state from where the spirit could completely separate itself from the world that had emerged out of it. It transcended the creation completely. It is a state of perfect Calm and Wisdom where Omniscience wedded Omnipotence that was withheld within before it entered the stir of creation. It was the house of All-Delight.

Beloved and lover are one
Here came the thought that passes beyond Thought,
Here the still Voice which our listening cannot hear,
The Knowledge by which the knower is the known,
The Love in which beloved and lover are one.

Here one finds the utter oneness in which the seeker becomes one with what he is seeking. It is that high station where identity of the soul and the Supreme are realised wherein one discovers how knower and known, lover and beloved are two poises of One Reality brought out for the delight of the Divine play.

Finite and the Infinite
All stood in an original plenitude,
Hushed and fulfilled before they could create
The glorious dream of their universal acts;
Here was engendered the spiritual birth,
Here closed the finite’s crawl to the Infinite.

All finite things reached their origin and that origin discovered their fullness and plenitude. Here they discovered the dream that they struggle to realise. Here was the point where the limitless limited Itself to a state of birth and the finite once again reached after a long journey the infinite out of which it had emerged and felt separate.

God’s veilless face
A thousand roads leaped into Eternity
Or singing ran to meet God’s veilless face.

A thousand paths returned back to Eternity through this door like countless rays of the sun returning back into its original Splendour. The veil of the universe was torn and God’s hidden face could be seen there.

Doors of the Unknowable
The Known released him from its limiting chain;
He knocked at the doors of the Unknowable.

Released from both Ignorance and Knowledge, Aswapati knocked at the gates of the Unknowable.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see here Aswapati standing at that golden gates where one can lose oneself into the Source, dissolve into the Ineffable, extinguish the finite Soul in the Supersoul.

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