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At the Feet of The Mother

The Double Twilight and the Ideal (SVH 54) Book 10 Canto 1

Book Ten: The Book of the Double Twilight, Canto I: The Dream Twilight of the Ideal

Savitri has survived the eternal Night and follows Death further. There are twilight realms where life and death meet. These are realms of the vital and mental worlds through which the soul of man passes in its journey after death. At first, he along with the soul of Satyavan circuits through the vital and mental worlds. Here they are met with shining spaces and lustrous gods. It is the heavens built by the idealistic thought of man. Behind the mask of Night, there lurks the Light. Darkness and Night are a veil that hides our true truth. We are children of Light, we live by the Light and go to the Light. This is a great truth that is revealed here.

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