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At the Feet of The Mother

The Dream Twilight of the Earthly Real (SVH 58) Book 10 Canto 4a

Book Ten: The Book of the Double Twilight, Canto IV: The Dream Twilight of the Earthly Real. Part 1

Savitri now meets Death on the ground where consciousness dips towards earth. The dreams and ideals born in the heavens live only a while before they vanish from earth. Death once again tries to convince Savitri of the futility of it all. He admits now the possibility of some impersonal void that human beings experience as a god but denies it any true power to intervene and change the course of things. He advises that she should quit this dream of a divine life upon earth as it is nothing else but a bondage. Instead, she should seek knowledge that would set her free from this bondage so that she too could escape into the silence of Nirvana. Savitri reveals to him instead the grand plan for earthly life and how this reign of darkness is going to end and this dream of a perfect divine life is bound to be established. Death tries to resist one last time and questions Savitri if she has the power to change things here upon earth. There is a moment of apocalypse and Savitri reveals to Death Her divine Form. Death is unable to bear the pressure and dissolves in Her Light. He abandons his will to capture the soul of man forever in its net. Instead, he is transformed into an instrument of life and light to goad man’s soul upon the path of Truth. With the end of Death, the path is opened for the victory of the human soul here upon earth over ignorance, falsehood, suffering and pain.

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