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At the Feet of The Mother

The Early Years, pp. 359-360

Opening Remarks
The early childhood of Savitri as she is growing is described below. What is specially revealed to us is the setting and the forces that are at play in and around her.

The land of her early days
A land of mountains and wide sun-beat plains
And giant rivers pacing to vast seas,
A field of creation and spiritual hush,
Silence swallowing life’s acts into the deeps,
Of thought’s transcendent climb and heavenward leap,
A brooding world of reverie and trance,
Filled with the mightiest works of God and man,
Where Nature seemed a dream of the Divine
And beauty and grace and grandeur had their home,
Harboured the childhood of the incarnate Flame.

Her childhood days are spent amidst beautiful surroundings where material nature is at her creative best with rivers and mountains and the gentle sun shining over the plains. Nurtured amidst these Silences deep carrying thoughts upwards towards heaven in a world of reverie and trance, there Nature seemed a dream of the Divine filled with grandeur and grace. Such were the spaces created by Nature to house and harbour the incarnate Flame.

Millennial influences
Over her watched millennial influences
And the deep godheads of a grandiose past
Looked on her and saw the future’s godheads come
As if this magnet drew their powers unseen.

The great godheads from the grandiose past watched over her towards the godheads of the future whom she had brought with her. These beings were drawn to her as magnet as if by an invisible force within her.

Earth’s brooding wisdom
Earth’s brooding wisdom spoke to her still breast;
Mounting from mind’s last peaks to mate with gods,
Making earth’s brilliant thoughts a springing-board
To dive into the cosmic vastnesses,
The knowledge of the thinker and the seer
Saw the unseen and thought the unthinkable,
Opened the enormous doors of the unknown,
Rent man’s horizons into infinity.

The wisdom that lurks in the depths of creation spoke to her carrying her on wings of thought beyond the last summits of the mind towards cosmic vastnesses. The thinker and the seer awoke within her opening enormous doors towards the unknown rending the veil of mind and opening man’s horizons towards infinity.

Nature and soul vied in nobility
A shoreless sweep was lent to the mortal’s acts,
And art and beauty sprang from the human depths;
Nature and soul vied in nobility.

It was a place where nature and soul were equals in nobility and the human acts were in keeping with a vast consciousness. The doors of inspiration were open and art and beauty sprang spontaneously from the human depths.

Rich culture
Ethics the human keyed to imitate heaven;
The harmony of a rich culture’s tones
Refined the sense and magnified its reach
To hear the unheard and glimpse the invisible
And taught the soul to soar beyond things known,
Inspiring life to greaten and break its bounds,
Aspiring to the Immortals’ unseen world.

A rich harmonious culture where ethics refined the sense to be tuned to the unearthly and the invisible and taught the soul to soar higher and higher greatening life fled her with an aspiration towards the seats of the high gods in the Unseen worlds.

Mystic seas of the Beyond
Leaving earth’s safety daring wings of Mind
Bore her above the trodden fields of thought
Crossing the mystic seas of the Beyond

Her mind flew on daring wings of thought leaving the safe limits of the earth and crossed the mystic seas where thought is born.

Eagle heights
To live on eagle heights near to the Sun.

She lived on heights of glory near the supramental truth where one can see globally and have an all-comprehending vision of Truth.

Wisdom’s throne
There Wisdom sits on her eternal throne.

It is the domain where the golden Sphinx guarding the gates of eternity sits on the throne of Wisdom.

Closing Remarks
A background stage has been set for the unfolding of the Divine play upon earth.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.