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At the Feet of The Mother

The Edge of Creation, pp. 299-300

Opening Remarks
Aswapati now stands on the very edge of creation. One step further and he would enter the realm from where none is known to return.

Rim of two continents
On the rim of two continents of slumber and trance
He heard the ever unspoken Reality’s voice
Awaken revelation’s mystic cry,
The birthplace found of the sudden infallible Word
And lived in the rays of an intuitive Sun.

Aswapati stands on the borders of the two hemispheres. This side of the hemisphere is under the spell of Inconscience struggling against it. The other side is the realm of the Superconscience. Here Aswapati becomes a privy to the first scene of the first act of the drama of creation. He has the revelation of the first moment that sanctioned the great play, the Word of creation as he lived in the Rays of the Supramental truth.

Gold ridge
Absolved from the ligaments of death and sleep
He rode the lightning seas of cosmic Mind
And crossed the ocean of original sound;
On the last step to the supernal birth
He trod along extinction’s narrow edge
Near the high verges of eternity,
And mounted the gold ridge of the world-dream
Between the slayer and the saviour fires;
The belt he reached of the unchanging Truth,
Met borders of the inexpressible Light
And thrilled with the presence of the Ineffable.

He is freed from the clutch of Inconscience and death. He rides on the sea of cosmic Mind and its first creative wave. He crossed the ocean of the original sound that set creation into motion and thereby stood on extinctions verge whose threshold none can cross or crossing ever return. One the borders of eternity he mounted the supramental ridge whence the world dream began, the realm between the Divine Energy that liberates and the same Energy that assumes the face of death. He reached the belt of unchanging Truth on the borders of the inexpressible Light and experienced the thrill of the Ineffable.

Closing Remarks
This is the border that Aswapati must cross to find the perfect remedy for a world besieged with evil and pain.

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