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At the Feet of The Mother

The Effect of Establishing a New Consciousness on Earth

The Supramental Consciousness would mean, a direct action of the Divine upon this material world that we inhabit. This action would sensitise matter itself to the Divine Forces making it capable of receiving and responding to the Divine.

The obscurity, ignorance and its attendant evil that we experience is largely due to the imperfection of our material state.  In us, it takes the form of various diseases and disorders, limitations and incapacities. With the direct action of the Supramental Consciousness new possibilities are bound to emerge in creation, especially in human beings, possibilities of prolonging life at will, of cure through an enlightened spiritual will, a freedom from the effect and influence of heredity and other forms of atavisms we carry as a burden from the past. It would mean the emergence of a new way of functioning of the mind from a mind that strives laboriously towards knowledge on the basis of inadequate data from the senses to a mind of light that sees the truth directly through a natural intuitive seeing and thereby acting swiftly and rightly on this basis. It would mean a vaster heart purified of all crude emotions that lead to so much emotional pain and suffering, a heart of sweetness, universal love and joy. It would mean a purified life energy that no more acts under the impulsions of the ego or selfish interests but for the sake of fulfilling the Divine Will. Eventually it would mean a body that finally escapes the law of ageing and disease and death. One can withdraw from the body at will and take up another body or even form a new body without going through the process of death and birth. The body itself will change into something luminous and plastic where strong tendencies towards gender differences will give way to a new body that is harmonious and beautiful in proportions, is spontaneously immune against illness and not subject to disintegration with time.

There would be other cosmic consequences as well such as a change in our sociology where there is so much inequality based on gender and wealth and a false show of power. Things will begin to find their right place through the spontaneous law of truth thereby ending much disorder which is simply because things are not in their true place. All this would mean a new society where unity, fraternity and equality are spontaneous with its ultimate goal being a divine Unity in Diversity.

Certainly it will not act immediately in all though it will begin to bring more and more beings under its influence as it spreads from individuals to individuals creating new groupings of based and centered around this New Consciousness.  The conditions required are plasticity, wideness, growth of consciousness through aspiration for progress, the thirst for something truer and greater than all that we have now, the pursuit of a higher perfection rather than an inert acceptance of our present individual and collective state. All this will require a massive shift in our institutions, social and educational and others. They have to become wider and plastic to accommodate the need of more ‘space’ and ‘freedom’ for individuals.

Above all what it needs most is an opening to the Divine Grace and Divine Love embodied in the Mother to make the transition easier and smoother. for such a massive change, more than what we experienced from the animal to man cannot be without its inherent dangers. The Supramental Consciousness is the Divine Consciousness in its totality and integrality that at once holds the truth of each element of creation as well as of the Creator. It is the consciousness of the Creator and has always worked from behind because we cannot bear its Radiance and Power. Its coming in the forefront and direct action means that we must become ready to bear the full intensity of the Divine Force. There has to be a great humility and suppleness, a freedom from the ego and rigidities of the narrow sectarian mind to be able to bear its Power and receive its Knowledge. Most of all it will need man to surrender to this greater Consciousness by way of our surrender to the Mother. The more complete our faith, sincerity and surrender the smoother the process of transition would be.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.