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At the Feet of The Mother

The End? (SAP 028)

In this poem Sri Aurobindo reveals to us the journey of soul beyond death.


Is this the end of all that we have been,
    And all we did or dreamed,—
A name unremembered and a form undone,—
    Is this the end?

A body rotting under a slab of stone
    Or turned to ash in fire,
A mind dissolved, lost its forgotten thoughts,—
    Is this the end?

Our little hours that were and are no more,
    Our passions once so high
Dying mocked by the still earth and calm sunshine,—
    Is this the end?

Our yearnings for the human Godward climb
    Passing to other hearts
Deceived, while sinks towards death and hell the world,—
    Is this the end?

Fallen is the harp; shattered it lies and mute;
    Is the unseen player dead?
Because the tree is felled where the bird sang,
    Must the song too hush?

One in the mind who planned and willed and thought,
    Worked to reshape earth’s fate,
One in the heart who loved and yearned and hoped,
    Does he too end?

The Immortal in the mortal is his Name;
    An artist Godhead here
Ever remoulds himself in diviner shapes,
    Unwilling to cease

Till all is done for which the stars were made,
    Till the heart discovers God
And soul knows itself. And even then
    There is no end.

[CWSA 2: 643-644]

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