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At the Feet of The Mother

The Enemies of God, p.225-226

Opening Remarks
In a sense there cannot be any enemy of God since all is He. But in the process of becoming and while discovering a dynamic principle of action we can see that there are forces and powers that are aligned to the Divine Will and help the great unfolding as also there are other forces that distract and pervert the original Will and oppose the great Plan.

Terrible agencies
For terrible agencies the Spirit allows
And there are subtle and enormous Powers
That shield themselves with the covering Ignorance.

The Divine play allows terrible forces and dark powers as well to have their say in a given time and space. Of course it is the Divine who has the last say and these forces are allowed only because they hasten and perfect the manifestation. These are enormous powers of Darkness that work covered by the veil of Ignorance thereby escaping detection.

Haters of light
Offspring of the gulfs, agents of the shadowy Force,
Haters of light, intolerant of peace,
Aping to the thought the shining Friend and Guide,
Opposing in the heart the eternal Will,
They veil the occult uplifting Harmonist.

These forces have arisen in revolt from the Abyss. They hate light and are intolerant of peace. They can present themselves as a brilliant guide while throwing their dark suggestions on the ignorant mind of man. Yet in their heart they oppose the Divine Will and veil the spirit of harmony working to uplift creation. They are agents of disorder and create disturbances of various sorts.

The rigid dogmas of religious creeds
His wisdom’s oracles are made our bonds;
The doors of God they have locked with keys of creed
And shut out by the Law his tireless Grace.

One of their means of action is to turn religious teaching into a rigid dogma. Thus religion which is meant to prepare man for tasting the freedom of the Spirit becomes yet another bondage tying down the will to soar beyond the known into the Unknown. Besides with their excessive stress of moral right and wrong as well as rewards and punishments by what they call as God, they make us forget the Grace that is always there to lean down to struggling humanity, to help and heal and uplift.

Interceptors of the caravan of Light
Along all Nature’s lines they have set their posts
And intercept the caravans of Light;
Wherever the Gods act, they intervene.

These agents of Falsehood and Darkness are always waiting in ambush for the seekers of Light to arrive. These they attack in an unsuspecting moment when our guards are down. Wherever there is a Godward seeking there they have set up their posts to intercept the pilgrim soul.

Yoke upon the heart
A yoke is laid upon the world’s dim heart;
Masked are its beats from the supernal Bliss,
And the closed peripheries of brilliant Mind
Block the fine entries of celestial Fire.

They tie up the human heart in small and narrow movements and mask the Bliss that sustains our journey. They encircle the Mind thereby limiting its brilliance to narrow boundaries and thereby block the entry and awakening of intuition and inspiration.

Iron Lords of Time
Always the dark Adventurers seem to win;
Nature they fill with evil’s institutes,
Turn into defeats the victories of Truth,
Proclaim as falsehoods the eternal laws,
And load the dice of Doom with wizard lies;
The world’s shrines they have occupied, usurped its thrones.
In scorn of the dwindling chances of the Gods
They claim creation as their conquered fief
And crown themselves the iron Lords of Time.

Always these dark forces seem to win filling the world with institutions that perpetuate Evil. Proclaiming their misinterpretations are truth they turn victory of good into its defeat. They hook the human soul with lies and drag it towards the Abyss. Thus they mock at the gods and occupy shrines and seats of power through devious ways. Conquering creation by their dark and dangerous powers they proclaim themselves as kings and establish themselves as the hard and heartless iron Lords of Time.

Closing remarks
Thus the grand opponents work often under the garb of formal religion and cults and creeds. It is there that one’s guards are often lowered and the power of discernment dulled by a misplaced trust.

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