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At the Feet of The Mother

The Ever Widening Circle, pp. 367-368

Opening Remarks
As Savitri grew her consciousness spread out in ever widening circle of humanity that started receiving her touch and her influence.

The great world discovered her
Then a faint whisper of her touched the soil,
Breathed like a hidden need the soul divines;
The eye of the great world discovered her
And wonder lifted up its bardic voice.

As she grew and tread the soil of earth, her voice filled with luminous wisdom filled the earth’s voices with wonder. Whispers were faintly heard as if the seekings of the soul were fulfilled through her and the eyes of humanity discovered her.

Her name ran murmuring
A key to a Light still kept in being’s cave,
The sun-word of an ancient mystery’s sense,
Her name ran murmuring on the lips of men
Exalted and sweet like an inspired verse
Struck from the epic lyre of rumour’s winds
Or sung like a chanted thought by the poet Fame.

Her name spread amidst humanity seeking for Light whose key she had brought and which was still kept guarded in her being’s secrecy. Fame the poet chanted her name which was heard as a sweet and inspired verse.

Sacred symbol
But like a sacred symbol’s was that cult.

Yet this fame was not like an ostentatious trapping but a sacred symbol where only the refined and the initiate had their entry.

A glory unapproachably divine
Admired, unsought, intangible to the grasp
Her beauty and flaming strength were seen afar
Like lightning playing with the fallen day,
A glory unapproachably divine.

Her beauty glory and strength and wisdom’s lights were like the divine splendour that was unsought and yet given, intangible yet playing with the earth, felt yet ungrasped as if from afar.

No equal heart
No equal heart came close to join her heart,
No transient earthly love assailed her calm,
No hero passion had the strength to seize;
No eyes demanded her replying eyes.

No equal heart came near her even as no transient earthly love could perturb her calm. None had the heroism to and the strength to seize or gaze into her eyes.

A Power within
A Power within her awed the imperfect flesh;
The self-protecting genius in our clay
Divined the goddess in the woman’s shape
And drew back from a touch beyond its kind
The earth-nature bound in sense-life’s narrow make.

All felt a Power within her that awed the flesh and nerves. They could intuitively feel the sense of divinity but drew back from a touch that felt like from another realm. Their earth nature bound within the limits of senses could not bear her pressure that was too strong.

Closing Remarks
Thus Savitri grew awhile as the progressive manifestation of her divinity took place partly seen partly unfelt unseen by men who were awed by her wisdom, beauty and strength.

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