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At the Feet of The Mother

The Fallen Angel, pp. 121-122

Opening Remarks
Life is a power of the Divine, born of His Consciousness-Force who is filled with the breath of His infinity. But here she labours in Ignorance forfeiting her divinity. This is her curse and her ordeal and yet she has within her heart the vision of the peaks from where she fell and the sanction of the Eternal on her fanciful will and limited powers.

Limiting the Illimitable
The Master of the worlds self-made her slave
Is the executor of her fantasies:
She has canalised the seas of omnipotence;
She has limited by her laws the Illimitable.

Life has its origin in the Infinite but here she deals with finite forms and thereby finds her powers limited. The free expansion of her imagination is curbed. Her divinity is limited in its action and power here in this lower world of finite forms.

The bound Immortal
The Immortal bound himself to do her works;
He labours at the tasks her Ignorance sets,
Hidden in the cape of our mortality.

The Immortal Godhead of Life has accepted the conditions of her task and works through the laws of Ignorance that she has set for the workings of her illimitable force.

Forfeited divinity
The worlds, the forms her goddess fancy makes
Have lost their origin on unseen heights:
Even severed, straying from their timeless source,
Even deformed, obscure, accursed and fallen,—
Since even fall has its perverted joy
And nothing she leaves out that serves delight,—
These too can to the peaks revert or here
Cut out the sentence of the spirit’s fall,
Recover their forfeited divinity.

The Divine force within her labours here under conditions of Ignorance. She has fallen from her supreme heights and thereby deformed and accursed. Still she can uplift these fallen worlds to the peaks of Glory from where she has fallen.

Closing Remarks
The glorious angel has strayed here as if fallen and accursed. But there is behind this fall a conscious Wisdom and Will that sanctions her fall and helps her in her tasks even though under the conditions of Ignorance.

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