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At the Feet of The Mother

The Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo (TH 035)

When the divine takes a human form, he brings with him some precious gifts for his lovely daughter earth. These are the dreams that he implants in earth’s subtle atmosphere. When earth and man is ready these gifts will begin to reveal themselves. In his well-known message given on India’s Independence, Sri Aurobindo mentions five dreams. The first dream was the freedom of India, rather a free and united India. Though India is free, the time has not yet come to realize its Unity. The second dream was the resurgence of Asia. We can see that happening now and most thinkers and analysts speak of the 21st century as the Age of Asia. The next dream of Sri Aurobindo is World Union. The way to bring this unity is also described by him, the pathways; the detailed roadmap has been given. Here we can see Internationalism is growing in all aspects, though there is still a long way to go for achieving true world unity. The next dream was the spiritual gift of India to the world. India’s spiritual riches are spreading to all the corners of the world in different ways and through many channels. The last dream is the ascension from man to superman, the next step in evolution. The Divine has sown these divine dreams in the human soil. Even though it may seem impossible to the human mind at the present moment, these divine dreams are bound to realize today or tomorrow. But it is a unique and great privilege for humanity to be the instrument and catalyst for this change. Let us live and work for it.

Recorded in 2011.

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