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At the Feet of The Mother

The Fundamental Practice of the Integral Yoga

The fundamental practice of Integral Yoga is opening to the Mother and let Her Force work in us. Some simple ways to open oneself are:

(1) Reading regularly some writing of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, especially Savitri and Prayers and Meditations. One may or may not understand them but reading itself creates an opening. The concentration is facilitated if one keeps a fixed time and place as it primes us and the forces that are operative in the environment to help us focus.

(2) Meditating before the photographs of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother until one is well-rooted in the Presence within. Even then it helps to have Their photograph in front while one meditates. One can then start by gazing at Their photograph until very naturally one feels an inward pull and the eyelids close. Then one contemplates Their Presence within the heart (centre of the chest) imagining Their luminous form within.

(3) Remember and offer all you do to Her, before starting and after completing the work and as often as possible in between.

The basic foundation of the yoga has to be built slowly through the practice of calling Peace and Equanimity. Once this builds up then all the rest will develop.

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