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At the Feet of The Mother

The Future Beckons: Grace

You know, the Grace is something that pushes you towards the goal to be reached. Do not try to judge it with your mind — you will get nowhere. For it is something tremendous which is not expressed in words or in feelings.

You know, when the Grace acts, the result could be a death or misfortune or happiness; it could even be a catastrophe but it is always the best for the individual. It is a blow sent by the Divine for a bounding progress. The Grace is that which makes you advance rapidly towards the realisation.

(Then, Mother speaks about a letter I had written to Her about a dream concerning a friend who was seriously ill.)

 I have read your letter but you should not take it in that sense, and not allow your sentiments to be affected. You must know that what has happened was bound to happen and it is for his good that this has happened. It may be a death, a resurrection or even immortality but when it is the Grace that works, there is nothing to worry, for it is always for his good and enhances his progress. And such dreams one sees in a thousand ways; naturally, they have some truth but one must not use one’s mind or sentiment to judge them.

You know, once I have taken his charge, whatever may happen to him, it may be some painful or disagreeable thing, you understand… but the Grace will protect his soul and carry him nearer to me. There is nothing better one can expect.

The Grace is the greatest protection and the quickest means to come closer to me. It is invincible and does not follow the slow natural route but jumps, takes a leap, towards the goal. Whatever may be the outer consequences, the Grace carries you directly to me.

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