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At the Feet of The Mother

The Future Beckons: Transformed Body


Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

You know, when people come to see me, I do not look at the outer appearance, but what they have within, their soul, the aspiration, the effort for progress, whether they are conscious of their inner being, whether they have an urge to perfect themselves, or whether they are very developed mental beings and who are exclusively guided by their mental ideas; then I see only this force, this consciousness and what they are capable of. I see their soul, their capacity to hold the consciousness. I never see the exterior of a man, but all that he has potentially, what he can truly make of his life, if he has a possibility or not. This is what is important for me. Not like you who loves only this, (the body) who wants only this. But it is stupid.

You know, I speak to so many people, all the time; even when I am working I can always talk with them. At night, I go to each one to see and to talk to them. I visit them, but most of them are not conscious. But I do not remember everything because I see so many people. I see and talk even when I am working, it does not prevent me…. You see, for these visits I need not give an appointment or fix the place, the day and all that, it goes on continually before me in the subtle world. Whereas to come physically before me, the place has to be indicated, instructions have to be given, I have to choose the time in between my work, only then will I be able to see him, and that too not for a long time. Some days I have no time to see them, so it has to be arranged for another day, — and so much trouble.

But for the other visit, I am always free and it is much more real for me, because it is with the true being that I come in contact. And there is no need to fix the time or the day. I am in contact with many people in this way and, moreover, I am much closer to them and not with those who are always with me.

People whom I do not see physically like this in front of me are those with whom I remain almost all the time. It is not by coming here that they come nearer to me, but only by opening and by concentrating upon me that they come nearer to me. To know somebody I do not need his presence before me, but I can easily do everything even while I am very far from him physically, because I receive his vibration.

Now if I have to establish a contact with your true being, I have to pass through this body that resists, that distorts the truth, because it is through this ignorant, false and obscure body that one must pass to reach the soul. That is why — it is an obstruction — it alters the direct movement of a true contact. Whereas for the other form, it is a true contact, direct and without intermediary. I can work much better and transmit the Truth directly. That is why, I tell you again, it is not by this physical contact that I can lift you towards higher regions, but with this inner contact. It is much more important.

But, Mother, it is this body of Yours that I love because You always come in this form. I receive the vibrations from this body, when I touch You. That is why I love this body.

Yes, it is true, but this body (Her body) is not yet what I want, it is not transformed, not entirely conscious like the other body, the subtle body which is not confined in a physical cage like this — it is not yet plastic. This body is not fully conscious, not luminous enough, not yet… how to say it… that which can be everywhere at the same time and is not subject to inconscience. It is not yet ready for what it should be. Even physically there will be many changes, many useless things must disappear. It must be malleable, plastic, and be able to do many things at the same time, and more… about which we do not know. It will not be limited like this body, (gesture) and there will be much more power, force, capacity which are not present now.

You know, if there is something on the window and if I want to take it, I stretch my hand and it becomes, phou!… long, and I have the thing without even having to get up from my chair. You see how easy it becomes, like this — we could do so many things, and we will be able to do other things which seem strange. Physically, I can be at the same time here and there. I can be in many places. I can communicate simultaneously with many people. To have something in my hand, I have only to wish and I shall have the thing in my hand. With this transformed body, I shall be free from the fetters of ignorance, and the inconscience. I could do many things at the same time. The body transparent, luminous, light, elastic will not need material things to subsist on. It is an altogether new concept. When I need something, I only have to wish for it and immediately I will have the thing in my hand. If I want to be in some part of the world, in a place like… anywhere… I shall ask to be taken there and I shall be there immediately.

The body can even be stretched if one wants it to become big, or made small, in any circumstance. If one wants to pluck something from a tree, one stretches the arm and just the arm, becomes long like a phantom, to pluck it. It is so funny and so interesting; at that moment one would be frightened to see someone with a small body and such a long arm! There will be all kinds of changes and unlimited powers. And it will not be something funny; of course I am giving you somewhat childish examples to tease you and to show the difference.

It will be a true being, perfect in proportions, very, very strong, light, luminous or else transparent; it will have a supple and malleable body capable of doing everything, a creation of the New Consciousness or else a transformed body which was never conceived. It will have nothing in common with the human being, I mean man with the mind, the vital and all that. All that is human, encased, limited, egocentric, small, mean, obscure and ignorant will have no place in this new transformed body. All that surpasses man will be within his reach. He will be guided by the Truth alone and nothing less. It is this and much more than what has ever been conceived.

You have never thought that all this could be done?

Never, Mother. I only knew that the body of a transformed human being will be luminous, supple, and above the dualities of the ignorance and the effect of the inconscience. And it will be able to subsist without food.

This much only? But don’t you want to be a transformed man, a creation of the New Consciousness?

Yes, Mother, very much.

Then you have to want it constantly and get used to this new process. (silence)

You know, like this, (gesture) to stretch one’s hand as if to hold something, and it becomes long, and, it is naturally frightening for those who are not used to it. And we shall be able to do things like that, (Mother laughs) by the plasticity of our bodies. And in this new world we shall all be conscious and it will be something that none could ever imagine. We can be master of everything. But not with this body, it is not yet fully conscious, and it is more or less guided by the ignorance. It is not as yet what it should be. It is like an animal’s; there is no difference between the human body and an animal. The human body is closer to the animal than to the other body. It reacts like an animal, subsists like an animal. There is almost no difference between a man and an animal. Only man has the power to think, but with this higher power he has done more stupid things than the animal. What difference is there between a cat and a man? Almost none.

The Mother, 1968

Only in the terrestrial evolution, we place man as the highest of the animal species, because he possesses a mental power greater than the animal. But man has not used this power for some higher ends or to strive towards the heights. He has remained the same since the stone age. He is still unconscious like a stone. He has never tried to let go of the instincts and the manner of living of an animal. In fact, there is no difference, he has remained what he was. He has never tried to find or use the powers and faculties at his disposal which are infinitely superior to those of the animal.

It is only to man that this power to become conscious of his self is given, not to the other animals. But he has never turned towards this path. He has remained like a cat…. This (Her body) too is of the same stuff.

No, Mother, not Yours; ours, yes, it is still animal; but You, You have a conscious body. You told me that You were transforming the cells.

Yes, it is rather conscious, this body, but it takes time, enormous time, to work for the transformation. It goes on, but there is still a long way to go. It is not yet done. No, no, not yet, but this… (Her body) there is a difference, it helps, it helps people. Yes, my presence helps people.

You see, Mother, it is because it helps that I want to come to see You and touch You.

Naturally it helps people. It helps the terrestrial evolution, that is why I am here. The true reason I am still here is that my physical presence helps humanity to progress. I hasten the evolution with my presence. I have been given the charge to lift man out of ignorance.

You see, Mother, this is the big question You have Yourself answered, — because Your Presence helps humanity.

Yes, it is true, and that is why I am still here. Otherwise, I would not be here. I would have left earlier. But because my presence helps humanity to progress, — it is because of me that the Supramental descent was possible — that I am still here upon earth, otherwise, I would not be here. It is not worth spending my time uselessly here below if my presence does not help the decisive progress of humanity. I do not have time to spend uselessly, I have many important things to do in other worlds; but it is because my presence helps that I am still here, otherwise I would have left earlier.

Yes, Mother, it is because this helps that I want to come to You. I love this body, that is why I want to come. When I touch this, (the Mother’s hand) I receive a vibration and I know that this direct contact is the cause of all progress, and not what I see in some other forms.

Yes, it is true. From a certain point of view, yes, but for me this inner contact is much more true. This is the raison d’être of man, to find the true Self that is within.

Mother, for us, Your body is very important because it is this that we adore, it is this that is so close to us. It is this which helps us.

Yes, it is true, it is true…. Materially, it is the terrestrial support. It is the form that man has always need of — to adore, to love and to which he can surrender himself, in which he can have more trust. It is the concrete symbol that man has always need of — to satisfy himself. And it is the terrestrial guardian of that which is within. One must become conscious of that being….

But you are much too attached to the physical and you want only this external contact. You are satisfied only by the physical effects. That is why you do not want to believe, or it is difficult for you to adapt yourself to such experiences. Anyhow…

I remember… I shall tell you a story. It is something that happened here not long ago. A gentleman, a lady and two children came to see me. It was a family, and the lady was full of devotion. It was A who had brought this family. Then a strange thing happened…. This is to show you how the divine entities or else the beings of the other worlds visit us. For me it was nothing exceptional, because there is always someone who visits me from time to time. This time it was Durga who had come.

Terrace Darshan — February 21, 1967

You know, these gods come to visit me from time to time. Sometimes it is Durga, sometimes, the others. I shall simply say ‘they’, because there are all kinds of gods and goddesses who come and talk to me. But I do not have much time to receive them as I have my own work to do. So, when they come, I do not pay much attention to them because they come to tell me: “If you do this for us, we shall be very happy,” and so on. And you remember, each time I came down for “Blessings” on the Puja days, there was always someone who accompanied me, either Durga, or Lakshmi, there was always someone on those days. And when I need them, I call them. But on that day, when I was waiting for the family — there were others also whom I had already seen — but when they came in, I felt a strong presence of Durga. I was not ready for this intrusion of Durga at that moment because each time these gods come, I know it beforehand. But this time I was not prepared and I said to myself: “What is this intrusion?” Durga came, she descended like a mantle, from above, and entered into me, like this … and to my surprise, I see her talking with this lady who was in front of me. This gentleman, the lady, and the children with A, were in front of me. And they remained for some time. And it is then that I understood why Durga had come. This lady was a worshipper of Durga and it was she who had called Durga. I won’t mention the name of this family, but the lady was full of devotion and, while she was with me, I felt that Durga was communicating with her. Then I told myself: “Yes, she was an exceptional lady who could bring Durga with her, even when I did not know it.” It was very interesting, because I was there, and Durga was within me and, maybe, she was seeing Durga.

I came to know this later, when A came back. He told me that this lady who was here, was a fervent worshipper of Durga. She had some experiences also. For example, when she was working, Durga used to come to help her, and she remained from time to time under the protection of Durga, and her life was moulded by the influence of Durga. And A said: “And today, when she was there before you, she saw Durga and it was Durga who was speaking with her, that’s what she felt, Mother.” It is true, yes, Durga was with me here. You see, how in this world there are no barriers, and one can meet anywhere, or at any time, nothing is limited in these regions.

And you know who is Durga? The relation between us is that of the father and the child. Not quite, because between the father and the child, the relation is not so supple, it is a little restrained, whereas between me and Durga it is a more intimate relation; she is like my daughter and it is more like this, (fingers interlocked in a gesture of intimate union) I mean… more complete, plastic, and something from beyond which is not found here, — a true and a complete relation in a perfect understanding. It is so sweet, loving and intimate and at the same time infinitely vast and spontaneous. It is very difficult to express this relation. But you see the difference, how one can always be near what one adores. One can talk to him, one can find him anywhere, one can take him everywhere without any question of time or place. Nothing can prevent this meeting if one can keep this in one’s consciousness. (silence)

But this (Her body) is still dependent on what is around it. It is conscious but it is not yet what it ought to be, it is dependent on all these (pointing) bell, pencils, table; on all the material needs — eating, sleeping, dressing, on time and on space; on all that develops, decays; in short, all the mutations because of the inconscience, the ignorance, and the ego that wants to impose itself, and the result — all this misery. Whereas a being of the other world is perfectly conscious, perfectly balanced, joyous, is not subject to these terrestrial needs, of eating, sleeping, dressing and thinking, like a human being. It is not encased in its little body, but it is everywhere and wherever it wants to go. It has extraordinary capacities, it can do many things at the same time. It is beyond time and space, it is unseizable, ephemeral, but at the same time it exists. For me, it is this which has a value. And the one who finds me there, lives constantly in my consciousness and has no need of this external contact. Only, from time to time, he needs to recharge himself with a physical contact.

He who constantly lives in my consciousness is always guided by me, and my help and my protection are always with him, and he is perfectly satisfied with these visits because what he receives with the physical contact is enough to last for some days and he comes back to recharge himself, and it is perfectly all right. For you too, I see you once a week and I think it is enough. Only, you have to try to go a little more within to find me there.

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