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At the Feet of The Mother

The Giant Leap

The giant leap is the evolution that species take after several successive efforts that grope now in one direction, now in another creating awkward creatures in the process. But the awkward is only the middle term, a temporary resting ground for the new normal. It is the shaky and stumbling stride that nature takes before stabilizing on the next level. This is what we seem to be witnessing today. On the one hand there is a multiplication of the awkward and the abnormal so much that one could say without exaggeration that abnormal is the new normal now. On the other hand we also see novel thoughts, new ideas, new ways of dealing with life and events. On the one side we see the dance of death while on the other side, as if in parallel worlds, a grafting of two wings on the body of a caterpillar. It is yet to fly but the wings are palpable. With the increasing suffocation and the stifling there is also the stir towards a new leap towards the future.

But while all this is happening rather unconsciously under the secret evolutionary impulsion of nature, is there something we can consciously do? A section of humanity is busy discussing whether evolution is or is not, whether nature is secretly conscious or only an inert mechanical brute machine, whether man carries something divine within him or he is nothing more than another animal species that may survive or pass off depending upon random play of chance and the blind forces that govern earth.

Whatever be the temporary conclusions of this long standing debate, man cannot rest permanently in this half way home where he must choose between a blind mechanical determinism of nature or a fatalism that believes we are slaves and pawns in destiny’s hands. Man is too much conscious to accept this position for long. He is bound to search, is already searching for a way to master nature and conquer the forces that weave his fate. He carries within him the intuition of greater and higher worlds from which he came or from where fell. He has within him an inbuilt faith of a deeper and higher possibility that aeons of skepticism and the stark refusals of a strictly rigid materialistic thought has been unable to curb, let alone destroy.

This faith and intuition embedded within man is bound to take over our current paradigms leading to the emergence of a new and higher species or sub-species out of man, a being less burdened with animality and beginning to show up even on the surfaces of life the torch of divinity hidden within his cloak of a dense, obscure body.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.