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At the Feet of The Mother

The Goal

Ours is a great cause, Mother, we are the fighters in a divine fight, and Thou hast come down to lead us to victory.

Over humanity now rule the forces of darkness and falsehood. In vain search of light and power and joy, men move round and round eternally and keep the divine in them in perpetual bondage. Our fight is to free the involved divine, to lead the way to the highest fulfilment of humanity. We shall subdue the hostile forces, we shall establish the rule of light on earth, we shall fulfil the will of God in humanity. Ours is a divine fight, Mother, and Thou art our divine leader.

Thou hast assumed the limitations of humanity in order to show the way to overcome them; we are Thy chosen soldiers; the gods have come down to help us in response to Thy call. Faith is our shield, obedience to Thee our discipline, aspiration the force that leads us on. We see the goal before us, the Kingdom of Heaven is within our reach. Victoriously led by Thee, fully supported by the sanction and the will of the Supreme Divine, we shall overcome all obstacles and open the gates of divine light and power and joy to all mankind.

Ours is not to forsake life, but to seek its true fulfilment. We want to escape from the falsehood and misery of the lower life so that we may realise our highest possibilities.

We must have the eye to see that all movements in life are movements in the Universal, and that there is a truth, a meaning behind every movement, and that each in its essence is a movement of light and power and joy. Through our egoism and ignorance these movements are distorted and deformed in us, and we live a life of falsehood and imperfection.

Individual beings are only fields or vehicles where the universal movements manifest themselves according to the nature of the field or the vehicle. We must be able to detach ourselves from these movements, observe them as they are and discriminate the truth from the falsehood that is in them. Persistent rejection of the false and the acceptance of the true are the essential conditions of our highest self- realisation.

Thou embodiest in Thyself, Mother, all the true movements in life; by taking our absolute refuge in Thee, we shall find out our true life. By Thy light we shall know the true from the false; by the aid of Thy will we shall persistently reject the falsehood. Thou wilt establish us in the true movements of light and power and joy. Ours is not to forsake life but to seek its highest fulfilment in and through Thee, Mother Divine.

The true test of our aspiration is that we must dissociate ourselves completely from the ordinary ways and modes of mankind; we must not look with a longing on the life we have consciously and deliberately left behind.

Men run wildly after transient joys and find an intense interest in the feverish pursuit of sense-desires; these little, imperfect, conditional satisfactions are not for us; we are to look forward to the infinite and absolute delight of the Spirit in itself. Bound to their egoism, men are tom by the greed of possession, by ambition, jealousy, rivalry, vanity, arrogance; they live in constant conflict and discord; this poor, miserable life is not for us; we look up to the higher life in the unity and harmony of the all-pervading, all-embracing Divine.

Men work blind, restless, aimless like the rocking, thundering waves in the sea, impelled by the hidden forces of their own desires; moving round their own ego, ignorantly they think that they are making progress; this is a sheer waste of time and energy from our point of view. We should seek the perfect skill in work in complete union with the Divine Mother.

Men are satisfied with limited power, limited joy, limited light, limited life. We seek immortality and infinite power and joy; we aspire to be identified with the Truth and to make it the very stuff of our life. We seek to exceed humanity and become supermen; we must resolutely turn our back on the ways and modes of mortal life on earth.

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