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At the Feet of The Mother

The Golden Bridge between Earth and Supreme, pp. 312-313 (SH 158)

Savitri Class in Hindi with Alok Pandey
Savitri Book Three: The Book of Divine Mother, Canto Two : The Adoration of the Divine Mother

The two-way Golden bridge is discovered and Aswapati now feels the Bliss and the rapture of Her contact. His being is filled with a Light and Power no words can speak. He becomes the center of Her luminous Force.

Abolishing the signless emptiness,
Breaking the vacancy and voiceless hush,
Piercing the limitless Unknowable,
Into the liberty of the motionless depths
A beautiful and felicitous lustre stole.
The Power, the Light, the Bliss no word can speak
Imaged itself in a surprising beam
And built a golden passage to his heart
Touching through him all longing sentient things.

Even as She came, all became beautiful and blissful, filled with a new meaning. The sense of vanity passed away and sorrow had no place to stand or breathe where all was Light and force and Love. The whole sense of the motion of the stars and the labour of Earth and the Sun became suddenly clear to Aswapati’s vision.

A moment’s sweetness of the All-Beautiful
Cancelled the vanity of the cosmic whirl.
A Nature throbbing with a Heart divine
Was felt in the unconscious universe;
It made the breath a happy mystery.
A love that bore the cross of pain with joy
Eudaemonised the sorrow of the world,
Made happy the weight of long unending Time,
The secret caught of God’s felicity.
Affirming in life a hidden ecstasy
It held the spirit to its miraculous course;
Carrying immortal values to the hours
It justified the labour of the suns.

Out of the depths of the Supreme reality, She came infinite and limitless, the occult Womb of creation, the eternal Creatrix, bride of the Eternal and Mother of the worlds. All came from Her and went back to Her drawn by Her Puissant and Love. She held in Her bosom the titans and the gods, man and beast and bird, the seven earths and the many planes of consciousness and the forces and powers and energies and beings that have emerged out of Her and are always contained in Her.

For one was there supreme behind the God.
A Mother Might brooded upon the world;
A Consciousness revealed its marvellous front
Transcending all that is, denying none:
Imperishable above our fallen heads
He felt a rapturous and unstumbling Force.
The undying Truth appeared, the enduring Power
Of all that here is made and then destroyed,
The Mother of all godheads and all strengths
Who, mediatrix, binds earth to the Supreme.

[Savitri: 312 – 313]

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