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At the Feet of The Mother

The Great Assurance, pp. 342-343

Opening Remarks
This world is not a random accident even though it may seem so to our ignorant mind. It is an act of God and will fulfil its divine destiny one day.

Thy creation cannot fail
I know that thy creation cannot fail:
For even through the mists of mortal thought
Infallible are thy mysterious steps,
And, though Necessity dons the garb of Chance,
Hidden in the blind shifts of Fate she keeps
The slow calm logic of Infinity’s pace
And the inviolate sequence of its will.

Aswapati has seen the hidden plan of God. It is His creation and it cannot fail. Though the human mind and reason do not understand yet infallible are His mysterious steps that work through seeming necessity and chance and the seemingly blind unforeseen shifts of Fate ultimately fulfil the Divine Will and the calm logic of Infinity’s pace. Man is in a hurry since harassed by a brief life’s will to act, yet God and Nature follow the path of perfection and toil through the ages to fulfill the Original Will in creation. This original Will is to build Perfection and make this world a home for delight. Though the movements of fate seem random since it does not follow our logic yet there is behind all its movements the logic of the Infinite and the inviolate Divine Will that compels it from within.

Ascending scale
All life is fixed in an ascending scale
And adamantine is the evolving Law;
In the beginning is prepared the close.

All life is fixed in an ascending scale that form the steps of the evolutionary Force. Time and the Law of Evolution unfolds the occult plan that has already been prepared in the very beginning. The story of creation has already been written and realised at another level. Here it unfolds itself through the steps of time and the hierarchy of creation built by the evolutionary force.

Compromise between the beast and god
This strange irrational product of the mire,
This compromise between the beast and god,
Is not the crown of thy miraculous world.

Man is not the last summit of creation. He is too imperfect a creature to be the crown of Nature’s long stupendous effort. He has within him certain impulses of the gods but his mass is still too much buried in animality.

A god come down
I know there shall inform the inconscient cells,
At one with Nature and at height with heaven,
A spirit vast as the containing sky
And swept with ecstasy from invisible founts,
A god come down and greater by the fall.

He knows that one day the Superman, the beings of a higher wider and greater consciousness shall inhabit the human body, fill the inconscient cells with the glory of the Spirit. These beings shall be vast as the sky and one with Nature though intimate with heaven. Swept with ecstasy from invisible founts they shall come and grow greater by this fall that shall redeem earthly matter. By accepting the burden of matter the beings of higher worlds are themselves enriched. We see here the prophesy of coming of the Superman who shall be even as a god within this human body made of mud and clay.

A Power arose
A Power arose out of my slumber’s cell.

A Power arose in the very cells of the body awakened from the swoon of Inconscient.

It saw from Timelessness the works of Time
Abandoning the tardy limp of the hours
And the inconstant blink of mortal sight,
There where the Thinker sleeps in too much light
And intolerant flames the lone all-witnessing Eye
Hearing the word of Fate from Silence’ heart
In the endless moment of Eternity,
It saw from timelessness the works of Time.

This Power is the Divine Energy now concealed in Matter and under the spell of the Inconscience. It awakened and rising to its full status arrived at the edge of creation. Passing further into the Timeless it viewed creation from those heights and saw the works in Time. Abandoning the slow evolutionary process it rose into regions of the shadowless Light where the Thinker sleeps and the all-witnessing eye opens up with its intolerant flames of Truth. It hears the word of Fate in the heart of Silence. In an endless moment of eternity Aswapati has seen the entire plan of evolution thus far and what is yet to come.

Things to come
Overpassed were the leaden formulas of the Mind,
Overpowered the obstacle of mortal Space:
The unfolding Image showed the things to come.

The rigid formulas of the Mind and the obstacles of mortal Space were conquered. The unfolding Image showed the things to come.

Closing Remarks
What we see here is the opening of the third eye and Aswapti’s climb to the highest ladder of creation. Passing beyond he has experienced the past, present and future in one single sweep of vision.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.