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At the Feet of The Mother

The Greater Knowledge (SVH 26) Book 2 Canto 15

Savitri Book Two Canto Fifteen

The doors of the Ineffable have been opened for Aswapati by the Grace of the Divine Mother. Already he can now experience a new cosmic state arising within him. He has become one with the Cosmic Being, a universal personality who is now part of the first seers who guide creation on its destined paths. Even before entering the Beyond he starts experiencing the influx of a greater Light and Power arising from a state of utter unity where the lover, the love and the beloved, the knower, the knowledge and the knower become one. It is the original plenitude where one can discover the Omniscient Wisdom that has gone into creation opening for man a thousand pathways to the One. This state borders the Overmind and the Supermind. It is the line where the two hemispheres, the lower and the higher part and join. This he must now cross to enter the Beyond. With this, we see one part of Aswapati\s journey is over. For what lies further he must wait for the supreme fiat of the mysterious Reality beyond.

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