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At the Feet of The Mother

The Greater Labour, pp. 448-449

Opening Remarks
A greater labour is needed, a vaster Light that the redeemer must bring here rather than show an exit door to the beyond.

Light grows
Although Light grows on earth and Night recedes,
Yet till the evil is slain in its own home
And Light invades the world’s inconscient base
And perished has the adversary Force,
He still must labour on, his work half done.

Although Light has grown on earth and ignorance is receding, it is only when evil is slain in its own den and Light invade the Inconscient perishing the adversary, until then the labour of the world-redeemer must continue.

One yet may come
One yet may come armoured, invincible;
His will immobile meets the mobile hour;
The world’s blows cannot bend that victor head;
Calm and sure are his steps in the growing Night;
The goal recedes, he hurries not his pace,
He turns not to high voices in the night;
He asks no aid from the inferior gods;
His eyes are fixed on his immutable aim.

If needed for God’s Purpose, He will descend again and again until the deed is done. He must labour patiently and not turn even to the high posts that are yet in the Ignorance. He will not seek to rebuild the world with the help of the inferior gods that can grant various boons to comfort but are unable to solve the cosmic riddle of suffering and pain. His eyes are fixed on the immutable aim of bringing down a higher Power, a greater Light.

Man turns aside
Man turns aside or chooses easier paths;
He keeps to the one high and difficult road
That sole can climb to the Eternal’s peaks;
The ineffable planes already have felt his tread;
He has made heaven and earth his instruments,
But the limits fall from him of earth and heaven;
Their law he transcends but uses as his means.

Man turns aside or chooses easier paths for little selfish gains. But the world-redeemer keeps to the one high and difficult road that alone can take us to the Eternal’s peaks. The high and great planes have already felt his tread. Exceeding heaven and earth, he has made both his instruments. He transcends their limits even though he uses them as means for the work he has come to do.

Mastered his own heart
He has seized life’s hands, he has mastered his own heart.

He has seized the engines of life and mastered his own heart.

Fate’s deaf resistance
The feints of Nature mislead not his sight,
Inflexible his look towards Truth’s far end;
Fate’s deaf resistance cannot break his will.

The deceptive blows of nature turn him not away nor mislead his sight fixed towards truth’s far end. Fate’s deaf resistance refusing to hear any plea cannot break his will.

Opposition of earth’s Powers
In the dreadful passages, the fatal paths,
Invulnerable his soul, his heart unslain,
He lives through the opposition of earth’s Powers
And Nature’s ambushes and the world’s attacks.

In the dark, dreadful and dangerous passages his invulnerable soul and invincible heart lives through the opposition of earth-nature and its Powers that ambush and attack.

His spirit’s stature
His spirit’s stature transcending pain and bliss,
He fronts evil and good with calm and equal eyes.

His spirit’s stature transcends pain and bliss. He fronts evil and good with calm and equal vision.

Riddling Sphinx
He too must grapple with the riddling Sphinx
And plunge into her long obscurity.

He too must face the riddle of the Sphinx and plunge into her long Night to bring there the Light.

Closing Remarks
We are revealed here the difference between ordinary human being and the world-redeemer. While ordinary humanity works for selfish ends, the world-redeemer works only to fulfil God’s Will upon earth.

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