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At the Feet of The Mother

The Greater Life (SVH 15) Book 2 Canto 6

This talk is a summary of Book Two Canto Six of Savitri. This canto is about an intermediate stage through which evolution passes. It is a stage when higher emotions and imaginations come into play to pull the being out of the bog and mire of the lower vital nature. It is a life no more centred around just food and mating and sleep. There is here a cry for change and in response to this cry there are passing glimpses of a higher and more beautiful life. But these passing glimpses do not endure nor have the power to transform our earthly existence. They come to give us a hope and a promise of the future. But then the labour returns and the suffering and pain are never really wiped out. The deeper causes of our misery remain while we wait with hope that one day things will change and life would become perfect. This longing can deepen and open a door to some greater height.

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