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At the Feet of The Mother

The Greater Secret Behind The Scene, pp. 168-169

Opening remarks
The secrets we explore and try to understand now is about how this little life works. Even when we understand all its processes, yet its meaning and purpose remains unclear. But there is a greater secret to discover, a mystery that acts behind this small life that has emerged upon our globe.

An Eye unseen
All is not here a blinded Nature’s task:
A Word, a Wisdom watches us from on high,
A Witness sanctioning her will and works,
An Eye unseen in the unseeing vast;
There is an Influence from a Light above,
There are thoughts remote and sealed eternities;
A mystic motive drives the stars and suns.

There is truth, a conscious Force, a high and sublime Wisdom that watches this struggling life and stands behind this life of ignorance, sanctioning her works. A Light and Power leans down from the vast and luminous heights driving creation towards its mystic purpose now sealed to our vision.

A mighty Supernature
In this passage from a deaf unknowing Force
To struggling consciousness and transient breath
A mighty Supernature waits on Time.

Behind our ignorant nature there is secret Supernature awaiting its hour to manifest upon earth. It is there behind all our stumbles and struggles.

The world is other than we now experience
The world is other than we now think and see,
Our lives a deeper mystery than we have dreamed;
Our minds are starters in the race to God,
Our souls deputed selves of the Supreme.

Our range of experience is very limited due to the limitations of our senses and our mind. Our consciousness moves in a narrow range leaving out much that exists but which we do not see or think or experience. We are unaware of the ranges of consciousness beyond the human mind, we are unaware of the real purpose of our lives, we are unaware of our secret soul that is a deputy of the Divine in us.

The One walks garbed in beggar’s robes
Across the cosmic field through narrow lanes
Asking a scanty dole from Fortune’s hands
And garbed in beggar’s robes there walks the One.

Within us resides the Lord of the worlds, the Master of our Fate. Yet we know Him not. Unaware of the mighty Divine Presence within we move in the world as a miser who needs to buy happiness and peace from outside while he carries it all the while within himself.

Miniature divinity
Even in the theatre of these small lives
Behind the act a secret sweetness breathes,
An urge of miniature divinity.

Even when our consciousness is caught up in pettiness and our lives unconsciously play out a small and insignificant part, yet a breath of God moves us from behind driving us to seek for sweetness and greatness and beauty and love and light and Truth and Freedom and God which we always carried within us.

A mystic passion
A mystic passion from the wells of God
Flows through the guarded spaces of the soul;
A force that helps supports the suffering earth,
An unseen nearness and a hidden joy.

Hidden within us are wells that bring out from unknown depths the joy and passion of life, the force that faces suffering with courage and hope refusing to yield. We feel the support from within and the touch of God upon our lives.

Laughter’s undertones
There are muffled throbs of laughter’s undertones,
The murmur of an occult happiness,
An exultation in the depths of sleep,
A heart of bliss within a world of pain.

It is this Bliss that is at the root of all things, this wonderful laughter of the Divine that sustains us through the journey. It runs as a sap of happiness and joy behind the movements of life. Its heart of Bliss takes away the sting of pain that pricks us in our journey through this transient suffering world.

Closing Remarks
We are never abandoned. Even when all seems dark and ugly and small, there is with us always this marvellous Divine Presence supporting us from behind, His joy sustaining us from within, His Peace and Light healing us of suffering and pain.

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