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At the Feet of The Mother

The Guide Within, p. 339

Opening Remarks
Though man is riddled with difficulties and challenges as no other creature yet he has the unique privilege of God’s Presence within as the Guide of our human journey. That is the hope for humanity and the sooner it allows Him to take the reins of his life the better it is.

Because the human instrument has failed,
The Godhead frustrate sleeps within its seed,
A spirit entangled in the forms it made.

The forms meant to express the soul within become its prison and condition and limit it. Hence the human instrument fails and the Godhead within us finds His plan frustrated.

God is guide
His failure is not failure whom God leads;
Through all the slow mysterious march goes on:
An immutable Power has made this mutable world;
A self-fulfilling transcendence treads man’s road;
The driver of the soul upon its path,
It knows its steps, its way is inevitable,
And how shall the end be vain when God is guide?

Yet inspite of these failings, the Divine Guide continues to lead the human journey through everything. Our failures too become steps on the way, the mutable world invariably is compelled by the Immutable Power that has gone into it to fulfil the original Transcendent’s plan. With God as Guide and pilot of the journey there can be no eventual or ultimate failure. He knows the steps and carries us through everything towards the grand fulfillment for which everything has been made.

No rest for the embodied soul
However man’s mind may tire or fail his flesh,
A will prevails cancelling his conscious choice:
The goal recedes, a bourneless vastness calls
Retreating into an immense Unknown;
There is no end to the world’s stupendous march,
There is no rest for the embodied soul.

Even if our mind tires, a deeper will, the soul’s choice keeps us moving towards the Goal. Even though the Goal seems to recede yet the soul pushes on towards the immense vastness, to the doors of the immense Unknown. Through all events and circumstances the adamantine march goes on and it will go on until the soul has completed its full curve. The soul is here upon earth and in a human body to progress. There is a work to do, a mission to fulfil and until that is done there can be no rest for the embodied soul.

Time’s huge curve
It must live on, describe all Time’s huge curve.

The soul must complete its curve of destiny which is actually a curve of learning experience and growth towards its fullness.

Influx from Beyond
An Influx presses from the closed Beyond
Forbidding to him rest and earthly ease,
Till he has found himself he cannot pause.

There is in man promptings from the Beyond bidding him to rise higher and not rest content in earthly ease. His journey cannot pause until man has found who he truly is and from where he has come and for what purpose is he here.

A Light that leads, a Power that aids
A Light there is that leads, a Power that aids;
Unmarked, unfelt it sees in him and acts:
Ignorant, he forms the All-Conscient in his depths,
Human, looks up to superhuman peaks:
A borrower of Supernature’s gold,
He paves his road to Immortality.

There is a Light not seen by our surface eyes, a Power not felt by our outer nature which leads and aids our journey. It is this that helps us prepare for the yet greater Beyond, for higher superhuman possibilities and for paving the way to immortality.

Future’s base
The high gods look on man and watch and choose
Today’s impossibles for the future’s base.

Therefore we must always keep hope. Divine powers are at work in creation which use today’s seeming impossibles as base to build the future making it possible tomorrow. What the mind calls as impossible has yet been conceived by it. It is something that we would wish to be and yet it seems impossible today. But the seeming impossibles of today are the possibilities of tomorrow and its subsequent later realisation.

Closing Remarks
The hope for man is within. It is in the fact that the Divine Presence within you.

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