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At the Feet of The Mother

The Heart and the Psychic Being

At times I feel as if my heart opens out or ascends with joy to the Mother. Has the heart also to rise?

The emotional being has to ascend.

What happens to the heart in the process of the Integral Yoga? Is it purified in itself?

Yes, it becomes an instrument of self-expression of the psychic being.

Before it becomes the instrument of the psychic, what does it follow?

The vital — the heart is the centre of the emotional being and the emotions are vital movements. When the heart is purified, the vital emotions change into psychic feelings or else psychicised vital movements.

Sometimes we feel pure and true emotions surging out from us. Are they not directly from the psychic being? For how could the unpurified heart produce anything pure and true?

Pure and true thoughts and emotions and impulsions can rise from the human mind, heart and vital, because all is not evil there. The heart may be unpurified but that does not mean that everything in it is impure.

The heart is part of the vital — it has to be controlled in the same way as the rest, by rejection of the wrong movements, by acceptance of the true psychic surrender which prevents all demand and clamour, by calling in the higher light and knowledge.

Whenever an inner love springs out for the Mother, tears rush out too.

If it is tears of love or joy, then they are usually from the psychic being. These are psychic tears of devotion etc.

You have written: “The heart is the seat not only of the psychic but also of the emotional vital.” Does this mean that the emotional being itself acts as a veil in front of the psychic?

Yes, when it is full of vital movements or accustomed more to a vital than a psychic way of emotion.

Some dissatisfactions come and affect the heart which is opening to the Mother.

Get rid of these dissatisfactions, they prevent the permanent psychic opening.

Perhaps it is because the psychic is just opening that it comes under the influence of these dissatisfactions?

What the psychic always feels is “What the Mother does is for the best”, and accepts all with gladness. It is the vital part of the heart that is easily touched by the suggestions.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.