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At the Feet of The Mother

The Heart’s Beloved, pp. 274-275

Opening Remarks
She may come down at the call of the human heart and accept the limited space as Her dwelling.

Lover and beloved
Or as a lover clasps his one beloved,
Godhead of his life’s worship and desire,
Icon of his heart’s sole idolatry,
She now is his and must live for him alone:
She has invaded him with her sudden bliss,
An exhaustless marvel in his happy grasp,
An allurement, a caught ravishing miracle.

These goddesses who dwell in the Greater Mind may choose one worshipping human heart that has sought her as a lover seeks his beloved. She binds herself to the devotees heart through the chord of love and invades him with her bliss. Then life becomes a perpetual wonder and miracle.

Her divine appeal
Her now he claims after long rapt pursuit,
The one joy of his body and his soul:
Inescapable is her divine appeal,
Her immense possession an undying thrill,
An intoxication and an ecstasy:
The passion of her self-revealing moods,
A heavenly glory and variety,
Makes ever new her body to his eyes,
Or else repeats the first enchantment’s touch,
The luminous rapture of her mystic breasts
And beautiful vibrant limbs a living field
Of throbbing new discovery without end.

The human being ascending through these greater kingdoms after long effort now claims her as the one joy. The joy of this union and communion is indescribable even as his life becomes a never ending revelation of the different aspects of Divine Mother’s powers in countless ways. He is intoxicated with ecstasy at the touch of this heavenly glory that is now his in a communion growing ever deeper. His life is filled with her joy and even his body is filled with her bliss and the ecstasy of union and constant new revelation.

He is lost in her
A new beginning flowers in word and laugh,
A new charm brings back the old extreme delight:
He is lost in her, she is his heaven here.

A new possibility awakens in his life, a new charm that is reminiscent of the delight that has gone into creation. He loses himself into her even as she becomes his whole life filling it with heavenly wonder.

Closing Remarks
The powers of the Greater Mind not only grant a deeper wisdom but also change the heart into a dwelling place for the Divine Mother’s aspects and powers.

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