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At the Feet of The Mother

The Heavens of the Ideal (SVH 21) Book 2 Canto 12

This talk is a summary of Book Two Canto Twelve of Savitri. Climbing through the summit of Thought Aswapati now enters the realm of Ideas where the forces of Truth are unleashed like rays as phalanx from the body of Light. This is the heavens of the Ideal where one can arrive at either by reaching the apex of the Mind worlds or else by diving deep into the heart and opening of the psychic centre within oneself. It is the Swarloka of the Vedic seers where the first rays of the sun are seen in their original glory and splendor. It is the first step taken towards creation in this lower triple world. Each Idea-force is a godhead there who tends towards an expansion of its own unique and independent universe. It calls the human soul to rise towards these sublime heights which demands the sacrifice of all we cherish here. These are the great gods of the Overmind and each is an absolute in his own right. Yet at the summits of this splendor and light all these Godheads were joined and united in a single harmonious concert of radiant powers.

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