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At the Feet of The Mother

The High Inhabitants, p. 381

Opening Remarks
There were a few who were drawn towards these spaces to discover the Eternal and commune with the Highest.

Light behind the veil
August, exulting in her Maker’s eye,
She felt her nearness to him in earth’s breast,
Conversed still with a Light behind the veil,
Still communed with Eternity beyond.

These spaces are special to the earth, high points in the Maker’s eye. These were spaces where the Earth felt her inner closeness to the Lord and conversed with a Light behind the veil of matter and communed with the Eternity beyond.

Few and fit inhabitants
A few and fit inhabitants she called
To share the glad communion of her peace;
The breadth, the summit were their natural home.

It seemed that these spaces were kept for those few and fit earthly beings who were ready to share the glad communion of her peace. By virtue of being high and wide in their inner beings, the breadth and summits of earth was their natural home.

Strong king sages
The strong king-sages from their labour done,
Freed from the warrior tension of their task,
Came to her serene sessions in these wilds;
The strife was over, the respite lay in front.

The Rajrishis or king sages who discovered the truth wile engaged in mighty works came to these founts when the war was over and stayed awhile breathing the serenity of these quiet spaces of earth. They had engaged in the battle and deserved the respite.

Happy they lived
Happy they lived with birds and beasts and flowers
And sunlight and the rustle of the leaves,
And heard the wild winds wandering in the night,
Mused with the stars in their mute constant ranks,
And lodged in the mornings as in azure tents,
And with the glory of the noons were one.

Released from their warrior task, the lived happily with the birds and beasts and flowers and bathed in the sunlight and heard the rustle of the leaves and the wild winds. As night fell they mused below the starry sky. When day rose again they enjoyed the sunshine in the blue sky.

Closing Remarks
These spaces of earth are conducive to relieve us of the tensions that man incurs through his journey of life. Hence the need to retire for some time and breath and rejuvenate themselves the pure and sublime atmosphere of such places upon earth.

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