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At the Feet of The Mother

The Higher Consciousness and Force


It is said that in the beginning whatever comes down or develops is confined to the inner being. The outer is dealt with only after a long time.

This does not mean that there should be no progress at all in the outer. One may not get the higher consciousness into the outer as yet, but that is no reason why one should not expunge from it whatever is of the nature of a wrong attitude.

Is it only in this Yoga that difficulties must be rejected by all the parts of our being? Is it true that your Force alone cannot work them out, even if our inner being and outer mind are there to help the Force?

It is not a question of “can” or “cannot” — it is a question of what is necessary for the true transformation. Theoretically the Force can transform you in one hundredth of a second from an animal to a god, but that would not be transformation or the working out of a spiritual evolution, it would be mere thaumaturgy, i.e. miracle-working without a significance or purpose.

Is it true that the dynamic descent has resulted badly in some sadhaks?

It seems to me that there are a fair number who have left because of that, like Bejoy, Nolinbehari etc. and others who fell in the same way, e.g. X. And yet that was not a full descent, but only a very little bit of a thing.

Can one understand the Force before it descends?

One may feel the Force above, for instance, and know what it is and even be governed by it before it has descended into the mind, heart, vital or body.

Is there any force on the higher planes which is not dynamic in itself and may be distinguished as passive?

A passive Force has no meaning — Force is always dynamic. Only a Force can act on a basis of calm passivity just as in the material world the Force acts on the basis of inertia.

To live always above, behind or at least in the mind would be good for my nature as well as for the Mother’s working in me.

If you can do that, it will be good…. It will need a strong will on your part to do it.

There is no need to bring down the help — it is there. Whether it [the will] makes the help effective and affects the opposite forces depends on the perseverance. You can see for yourself that it has momentary effects, but it needs a sustained effort before the effect can be more than temporary.

Help is given in whatever way is necessary or possible. It is not limited to Force, Light, Knowledge.

It [the help] diminishes as one gets higher and higher or rather fuller and fuller, being replaced more and more by the automatic action of the Force.

While working one can remain always separate within. Can one also remain separate while stationing oneself above?

It can with difficulty [be done] (1) if he is always in trance, (2) if he does not want transformation of the rest of the nature, (3) if he cuts himself off from life and action, (4) if he does not allow anything in the lower being or the outer being to draw any part of his upgathered consciousness to go down or out from the upper silence.

Even during these difficult times I can detach and separate myself from the mind and body and touch the pure self-consciousness above. But such experiences do not last long; the ascent is not complete and there is a strong pull from below.

That is to be expected. It is only if one gains the wideness of the infinite Self that one can remain above — or, if all the parts of the being share in the peace and freedom of the self.

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