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At the Feet of The Mother

The Highest Destiny of Man in Savitri (TH 089)

Savitri shows the highest consciousness man can reach. She also shows the way to achieve it. Man is the son of immortality and if he wants, that possibility can open its doors for him. In Savitri Sri Aurobindo not only reveals that secret but shows us how to establish that consciousness and takes us far ahead to the golden future destiny of man. To manifest the New Consciousness, man needs to prepare his adhara or the vehicle which will attain, sustain, and express this new possibility. The old consciousness does not allow us for the new venture. Yet the way is open and man can walk through it towards his highest destiny, as was shown to us by examples of some sadhaks in the Ashram. Then our life of ignorance starts to march towards the life of divine Truth and Light.

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