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At the Feet of The Mother

The Hope, pp. 200-201

Opening remarks
There is in the heart of life a hope that one day it shall indeed be transfigured by some miraculous tough. Until then she must strive and suffer and toil. Such is the predicament of life upon earth and of man tied to creation’s fate.

Finding itself
But now we strain to reach an unknown goal:
There is no end of seeking and of birth,
There is no end of dying and return;
The life that wins its aim asks greater aims,
The life that fails and dies must live again;
Till it has found itself it cannot cease.

This is the fate of life to labour and strain towards a goal she hardly can conceive or know. Even death is not an end to her quest that continues through life and death and afterlife and rebirth. Its successes prove to be unsatisfactory and brief. Its failures too are temporary as life bounces back today or tomorrow in a renewed effort. The happiness won seeks for greater joy. So shall it be until Life discovers itself and its deeper soul that hides behind its works.

All must be done
All must be done for which life and death were made.

Instead of being disappointed by the long labour we should steady our feet and awakening a greater aspiration get to the work for which life and death came into existence. They both serve a common goal, – the goal of a progressive divine manifestation upon earth.

Is there an end
But who shall say that even then is rest?

But since the Divine is Infinite, the manifestation is also infinite. The great unfolding goes on and will go on. The big difference however is that now it unfolds through suffering and in ignorance, a greater unfolding will be conscious, in joy and freedom and light towards an ever increasing play of Delight.

Deep breast of God
Or there repose and action are the same
In the deep breast of God’s supreme delight.

In fact once life discovers the Divine Presence within herself then the sense of labour and struggle is over. In a divinised life action flows as the breath of God, naturally, spontaneously, freely and even in action the luminous Peace of the Divine is always felt. Rest and action thereby become one since life is no more driven by the ego but by the Divine Consciousness and Force, Shakti.

High state
In a high state where ignorance is no more,
Each movement is a wave of peace and bliss,
Repose God’s motionless creative force,
Action a ripple in the Infinite
And birth a gesture of Eternity.

Life can arrive at a state of complete freedom from Ignorance and thereby dwell permanently in the Divine. Then each movement is a wave of peace and delight. Then rest itself is an in-gathering of the creative Divine Force and action a stir in the Infinity of God. Then birth is no more an unconscious and enforced process driven by mechanical laws of nature but a conscious and willed act, – the eternal plunging into self-chosen limits of Time and Space for a particular work.

Sun of transfiguration
A sun of transfiguration still can shine
And Night can bare its core of mystic light;
The self-cancelling, self-afflicting paradox
Into a self-luminous mystery might change,
The imbroglio into a joyful miracle.

Even now, here upon earth, life can be transfigured by the supramental Consciousness releasing the Light hidden in the core of darkness that surrounds our earthly life. Then the conflicts and contradictions of life shall change into a harmonious embrace of opposites, a perpetual miracle rather than a chaos and confusion.

Her immortal face
Then God could be visible here, here take a shape;
Disclosed would be the spirit’s identity;
Life would reveal her true immortal face.

A transfigured life will reveal the divinity hidden within it. It is this Divine Presence that shall then directly reshape our life into something true and beautiful and immortal.

Closing Remarks
This is the hope, the transfiguration due to earth. So shall it be as the supramental sun shines upon life and penetrates her core and remoulds her way to be.

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