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At the Feet of The Mother

The Human Aspiration and the Journey towards Perfection (TH 047)

There is a background and foreground of yoga. We as humanity are all tied with a common bond, which Sri Aurobindo calls ‘the human aspiration’. This is the common base of all the human beings. That is why man has always dreamed and tried for Perfection in individual and collective life through various means. He is born with this aspiration for exceeding his limits, for striving towards an unseen future, for attempting the seemingly impossible. We may say that this aspiration finds its culmination in the Supramental transformation that opens the way to the divine fulfillment and the supreme consummation of our humanity. But we also see the opposition to this ideal in this world. When we see the world as it is, we see things are not in place. What we need to however remember is that this world is not an accident and there is a Conscious Force, a Divine Intelligence guiding it. The object of this yoga is to arise into and live in this divine consciousness. This is a great voyage. Faith is the compass, Divine is the guiding force and the ship is our body and life.

This talk was recorded in May 2012 in Nainital.

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