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At the Feet of The Mother

The Human Enigma, p. 336

Opening remarks
Human life is an enigma, a riddle as it were that we are here to solve.

The enigma’s knot
The Enigma’s knot is tied in humankind.

The knot of enigma is tied to our humanity. It binds us to earth while also instilling in us the dream to fly into distant horizons.

Sole awake
A lightning from the heights that think and plan,
Ploughing the air of life with vanishing trails,
Man, sole awake in an unconscious world,
Aspires in vain to change the cosmic dream.

The animals live in a half-conscious state about their existence. Their life is centered around food, shelter and the progeny. But man can never be satisfied with that alone. He thinks and plans about the future, imagines an ideal world and perfect life, dreams and hopes and aspires to change the world.

Half-luminous Beyond
Arrived from some half-luminous Beyond
He is a stranger in the mindless vasts;
A traveller in his oft-shifting home
Amid the tread of many infinities,
He has pitched a tent of life in desert Space.

He has descended from high, though half-luminous realms where the lower and higher hemispheres part. His true domicile is the Overmind. That s why he feels as a stranger here amidst mindless tracts of nature. He is a nomad traveller ever in search of his true home. The powers of Infinite tread his inner spaces of the soul and yet he has pitched his tent of life in dry and barren lands of the body.

Hunter and nomad of Light
Heaven’s fixed regard beholds him from above,
In the house of Nature a perturbing guest,
A voyager twixt Thought’s inconstant shores,
A hunter of unknown and beautiful Powers,
A nomad of the far mysterious Light,
In the wide ways a little spark of God.

He is watched by the heaven’s above even as he disturbs the balance of nature here. Voyaging in thought as a vehicle from material to spiritual poles, he hunts for unknown and beautiful powers. He is a wandering nomad ever in search of some mysterious far off light even though a little spark travelling on the wide ways of God. The spark is as if searching for its own Source.

Closing Remarks
Human life is a challenge and the biggest challenge is to build Perfection with imperfect things.

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