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At the Feet of The Mother

The Ideal of Human Unity (TH 146)

Sri Krishna himself gave the Gita to Sri Aurobindo in Alipur jail and the strength of Gita entered into Him. Sri Krishna also gave a new Nirukta to Sri Aurobindo which helped Him in the interpretation of the Vedas. Sri Aurobindo was a mantra drishta. Mother has come to manifest Grace and not justice. Very few will survive if justice were to manifest. One of the works of the Avatar is to disclose the lost Veda. There have been many attempts in the past to form a society inspired by the Truth. Chaturvarna was one such attempt. But these attempts failed every-time because man is still in ignorance. Even if the highest truth were given to man, he would soon distort it. Mother says the same thing happened with all religions. There can be nothing better for those who are open to the Mother. For others Sri Aurobindo brought down the Supermind. Gods do the preliminary work as a preparation for the advent of the Supermind. Divine Love and Ananda cannot establish themselves on earth unless Truth (Supermind) lays its base. The truth of unity lies in the synthesis (samanvaya) of contradictory ideas. Sri Aurobindo says that man has double nature – the soul nature which is always attracted to the Divine and the lower nature (mind, vital, and physical) which is still in ignorance. The soul uses this nature as an instrument to express itself. So until the lower nature is not transformed, an ideal society cannot be formed. The speaker reads a passage from the Human cycle. Outer society can be true and beautiful only when truth and beauty is established within the individuals of a certain section of humanity. The finding of the Divine Self in man should be the whole first aim of all its activities. To attain this, every activity of life (education, science, arts, economics, politics, etc) was linked to a higher knowledge and a spiritual aim.

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