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At the Feet of The Mother

The Importance of Human Birth (TH 101)

Taking birth in this earth is not a sin as believed in many religions, rather it is a golden opportunity to grow with the unique divine portion in man called ‘the Psychic’. Because of psychic being, man can aspire, surrender oneself to the divine and achieve the higher state which is difficult even for the gods. India has taught the world that man can and must love God. Fear of God is very primitive, a first approach in our unregenerate state perhaps, but neither the last nor the best one. Friendship with God is the best form of relation though man can approach God through many other ways. Friendship gives all the liberty to be transparent in his behavior and approaches. Among all the great ascetics, devotees, wise, and satwic personalities, Arjuna was chosen to be God’s friend and worker because of this quality. He was not the best but he was open, full of love and transparent in his attitude with Krishna.

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