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At the Feet of The Mother

The Inner Sovereign

Now more and more the Epiphany within
Affirms on Nature’s soil His sovereign rights.
My mind has left its prison-camp of brain;
It pours, a luminous sea from spirit heights.

A tranquil splendour, waits my Force of Life
Couched in my heart, to do what He shall bid,
Poising wide wings like a great hippogriff
On which the gods of the empyrean ride.

My senses change into gold gates of bliss;
An ecstasy thrills through touch and sound and sight
Flooding the blind material sheath’s dull ease:
My darkness answers to His call of light.

Nature in me one day like Him shall sit
Victorious, calm, immortal, infinite.

Notes on Text
22 September 1939, revised 27 September. Three handwritten manuscripts, the first two entitled “The Sovereign Tenant”.

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