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At the Feet of The Mother

The Invisible Beloved, pp. 290-291

Opening Remarks
It is the psychic world where all is beautiful and blissful; where all is aware of the Divine Beloved even though without a form.

Mystic happiness
An incense floated in the quivering air,
A mystic happiness trembled in the breast
As if the invisible Beloved had come
Assuming the sudden loveliness of a face
And close glad hands could seize his fugitive feet
And the world change with the beauty of a smile.

The Presence of the invisible Beloved was felt by the fragrance floating in the atmosphere of this domain. Aswapati’s heart trembled with a mystic happiness indicating the nearness of someone long loved and sought and who had neared assuming a lovely face. His hands longed to seize those feet lest they vanish. The world could change by His beatific smile.

Wonderful bodiless realm
Into a wonderful bodiless realm he came,
The home of a passion without name or voice,
A depth he felt answering to every height,
A nook was found that could embrace all worlds,
A point that was the conscious knot of Space,
An hour eternal in the heart of Time.

It was a realm of bodiless wonder and beauty felt by an intrinsic soul-sense. It was the home of a passion without name or voice. As Aswapati entered into these depths he felt a corresponding height beyond height. This was the knot from where all the worlds emerged, a point of conscious Space, an eternal moment in the heart of Time.

Soul of the world
The silent Soul of all the world was there:
A Being lived, a Presence and a Power,
A single Person who was himself and all
And cherished Nature’s sweet and dangerous throbs
Transfigured into beats divine and pure.

Here Aswapati encountered the silent Soul of the world. He was a Being and a Presence and a Power and yet, even though a single Person, He was the All. He harboured and held within His heart the sweet and dangerous throbs of Nature transfigured within Him into divine beats.

One who could love without return for love
One who could love without return for love,
Meeting and turning to the best the worst,
It healed the bitter cruelties of earth,
Transforming all experience to delight;
Intervening in the sorrowful paths of birth
It rocked the cradle of the cosmic Child
And stilled all weeping with its hand of joy;
It led things evil towards their secret good,
It turned racked falsehood into happy truth;
Its power was to reveal divinity.

Here was the unconditional love that one longs for and finds not. This love healed all bitterness and cruelty transfiguring all things to delight. Intervening along the sorrowful paths of birth it rocked the soul in the cosmic cradle and stilled its weeping with his hands of joy. This love led all things, including evil towards the secret good that they had held within. It turned falsehood into happy truth. Its power revealed the divinity hidden in all things.

Closing Remarks
We see here Aswapati entering the psychic world where the Cosmic Divine’s Presence is experienced most concretely. Here one finds all things in their divine purity and the love and sweetness and beatitude and bliss that can remake our lives.

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