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At the Feet of The Mother

The Journey in Eternal Night (SVH 53) Book 9 Canto 2

Book Nine, The Book of Eternal Night, Canto II, The Journey in Eternal Night.

Savitri has entered the pit of darkness. This is from where Death draws all its strength. Towering as a being of darkness, Death exhorts Savitri to return back since there is no other god than he. Yet observing Savitri’s courage to enter the dark void, he offers boons as if to placate her will. He restores King Dyumatsena’s sight and his kingdom. Savitri receives the boons but refuses to turn back without bringing back with her the soul of Satyavan. Death now starts twisting the eternal truth and proclaims himself the one true God. He tries to tell her about the transience and futility of all human life and love. He alone is eternal and there is none else. But Savitri has known her soul. She has realised the Divine and knows who she is. She rather throws the challenge back to Death and questions his so-called knowledge which has no true basis to it. Death tries to trick her by throwing the bogey of knowledge that does not sanction love. Savitri calmly replies that true knowledge is a state of oneness and what better means to arrive at it but through love.

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