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At the Feet of The Mother

The Journey Through the Subconscient, pp. 579-580

Opening Remarks
The journey continues further through unknown realms beyond the limits of earthly sense.

Onward the three moved
Onward the three still moved in her soul-scene.

The soul of Satyavan, Death and Savitri moved onward in the scene that appeared before her soul.

Through fragments of a dream
As if pacing through fragments of a dream,
She seemed to travel on, a visioned shape
Imagining other musers like herself,
By them imagined in their lonely sleep.

Away from the waking world of forms conjured by the senses, Savitri now seems to travel through fragments of a dream as a visioned shape imagining others moving as if in an indrawn dreamlike reflective state imagined in sleep.

Ungrasped unreal
Ungrasped, unreal, yet familiar, old,
Like clefts of unsubstantial memory,
Scenes often traversed, never lived in, fled
Past her unheeding to forgotten goals.

It was a world where nothing seemed concretely real, yet was familiar like some unsubstantial memory of scenes often traversed yet never lived in. They fled past her without catching attention towards forgotten goals.

Voiceless regions
In voiceless regions they were travellers
Alone in a new world where souls were not,
But only living moods: a strange hushed weird
Country was round them, strange far skies above,
A doubting space where dreaming objects lived
Within themselves their one unchanged idea.

The three travelled alone through voiceless regions devoid of a soul. There were only fragments of moods once lived, a strange weird hush prevailed around and a far sky above. The space was as if made of the substance of doubt where dreaming objects lived centred around one unchanged idea.

Weird phantasmal
Weird were the grasses, weird the treeless plains;
Weird ran the road which like fear hastening
Towards that of which it has most terror, passed
Phantasmal between pillared conscious rocks
Sombre and high, gates brooding, whose stone thoughts
Lost their huge sense beyond in giant night.

All about that place was weird, the grass, the treeless plains, the road that seemed to hasten with fear yet irresistibly towards terror. They passed between phantasmal pillars of conscious rocks that were sombre and high with brooding gates as if thoughts in a stone were losing their sense plunging into the Night that lay beyond.

Enigma of the Inconscient
Enigma of the Inconscient’s sculptural sleep,
Symbols of the approach to darkness old
And monuments of her titanic reign,
Opening to depths like dumb appalling jaws
That wait a traveller down a haunted path
Attracted to a mystery that slays,
They watched across her road, cruel and still;
Sentinels they stood of dumb Necessity,
Mute heads of vigilant and sullen gloom,
Carved muzzle of a dim enormous world.

The enigma of the Inconscient sleep was nearing through the symbols of ancient Darkness and monuments of its titanic reign. Its dumb appalling jaws opened to swallow the traveller down a haunted path attracted to a mystery that slays. These monuments of Darkness watched her road that seemed cruel and still guarded by sentinels of dumb necessity, mute heads that kept a vigil and sullen gloom carving a funnel like shape of a dim enormous world.

Shadowy marches brink
Then, to that chill sere heavy line arrived
Where his feet touched the shadowy marches’ brink,
Turning arrested luminous Satyavan
Looked back with his wonderful eyes at Savitri.

Then they arrived to a heavy deserted and desolate space where Satyavan’s feet touched the shadowy brink. There, arrested he stood, luminous Satyavan, looking back at Savitri with his wonderful eyes.

Closing Remarks
Satyavan along with Death, followed by Savitri pass through the Subconscient realms towards the Inconscient, the home of Death where he reigns as king of the nether worlds.

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