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At the Feet of The Mother

The Key

It is not the virus that kills. The virus is simply an attack from outside. Our body can handle it sufficiently well. In fact it is evidenced by the fact that in this and other pandemics there body fought the attack very well. In this pandemic itself about 97 percent of those affected are recovering. Among those who are unable to make it most belong to the higher age group and often with co-morbid conditions. In other words these people were walking on the edge of life with limited resources to handle a new challenge to the body. On the other hand, the large majority make it by defeating the virus successfully. Not only do they fight it out well they also pave the way for others. Each such recovery will make it easier for others to fight it out, not just as an example that gives hope but as a contagion that would help other bodies to augment their immune system. After all that is what a vaccine does. However a vaccine is limited to a particular organism and its problem is that it keeps circulating within the body a little bit of the vibration of disease which may take another route in years or decades to come.

Nevertheless it is understandable that the scientists world over are working to discover a vaccine against the virus. They are doing what they know best. The question is if this is indeed the best that man can do. It is here that we need to bring in the other aspects and dimensions of disease and its prevention and cure. Our present science is largely based on a material understanding of the body. The human body, in its view is a machine among other machines driven by chemicals and other laws of biology. This is but one aspect of our human body. But there are other aspects as well which we need to bring out into play. We have other resources lying unused in store because we either do not know about them or else we do not know where the key to open these priceless treasures lie.

The key is within us, not only in our strange chemistry, but in the deep subjective spaces of our inner being where powers and possibilities lie hidden and unused from our view simply because we have never looked in that direction. What does this mean in practical terms? Do we need to engage in some deep occult or spiritual practices to activate these hidden powers? The way is so simple that our minds used to complicate things has almost stopped believing that truths can be simple. In fact some of the profoundest truths are as simple as the blossoming of a flower or the flowing of a river towards the sea. When we look at the actual processes these simplest things seem complicated but when we look at the core mechanism, the switch that activates or sets into motion these complex processes then it becomes extremely simple, or shall we say sublimely simple.

That switch which can activate one line of processes or another is well within our reach. It is will, it is faith, it is a glad surrender to the Grace. Or it is very simply a state of goodwill and compassion towards all beings or the intuitive sense of the Divine Presence or a sublime Wisdom in all that happens. If we can in a simple gesture of surrender to the Divine Grace offer our lives under the care and protection of the Grace then we can walk with head held high and free from all fear. It is indeed doubt and distrust, depression and despair, most of all fear that closes this inner door from where we can receive help beyond our imagination and stay always and under any and every circumstance with peace and a serene joy that is the share of  those who have turned towards the Divine.

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